govt money anudan online bris online anudan apply bd

govt money anudan online bris online anudan apply bd

govt money anudan online bris online anudan apply bd

How are you all friends hope you all are very very well you will get free 16000 taka in your account and you can withdraw your money through cash account and then through bank by developing your taka.

You can withdraw your money through any bank so you don't have to worry about the payment so see here I will discuss all the issues then first I will show you the like proof then open the message for that then see I got 16 thousand taka in my bkash account  gone

 I will now open the message, dear friends, then see that you have a recipe of Rs 16,000. Today, the date and time are written carefully. If you look carefully, you will receive Rs 16,000 in your account.

 How many videos have you played in your life I will tell you the videos are coming for you to watch then but you 16000 rupees your development cash then you can withdraw through bank then I will enter my imu now see

 But I will go to Imu after coming to Imu I will show you the proof but many people said brother is there any such offer but for that I checked a lot and selected but I have found out such means from where you can earn 100%

 So you will open google play store first for him then sorry google me you will open then search here Vidyut see you will search I can say you will not get money even in life see application form here I will click then see application form

 Every time I click here you will click from OK click here it is written here the rules of applying the application form says your picture while applying national paper then the video but you have not seen the whole but they will not get money even in life

 OK and if you don't get the money later but you can't tell me why I didn't get the money then but I will tell you bro why didn't you watch the video read what is written here carefully then you see the instructions for filling the application form

 Click here to see how you apply how you do all the things are mentioned here and if you want I will now open my cash application tech open from cash application

 Now the things you have to follow since you will withdraw so much money in your cash account then in cash account since you will withdraw your money then when your money will enter your cash account if you can

 But you will get another three thousand rupees from the cash account, for that you need to come to the cash account, after coming, see the notification icon on the top, then there is my cash, click here, click on the profile icon.

 But then you won't get any profit, look at it, but now look at my account, but it will become an Islamic account, but you won't get profit, if you want to get profit, you have to click here, but I don't support prayer.

 So it's your personal matter I told you if you want you can do it and see you type here to know the balance I will click here about 3500 taka is coming to the account but see I got 16 thousand taka in Bikash account

 Ok, I will take out the money again and show you, but please note that the account has 3500 taka. Ok, now I will exit from cash, then I will exit again, after exiting, I will enter. Then see.

 But there are many things to say here.  After visiting, see the things you need to follow. It is written Bangladesh Power Development Board People's Republic of Bangladesh Government.

 Now I will tell you how you will get 16,000 rupees from here. Yes, you will see later, the visitor's office, electricity department, electricity, energy, resources, now I will click here. Ok, whenever you click here, now you have to follow the things well.

 For that you should pay attention to today's video because there are many people pay attention here but it is said about lockdown 25 thousand rupees but it means he can earn for free

 So the offer is not current, there is currently a package of 16000 rupees, but everyone will download the page, it says online, click here, click here, click online, then when you click here, it will load in front of you, here you click this plus icon here.

 Then see here you have to login. To login see it says register click here then click here dear friends play the video carefully here first see your full name write the name fill it well then there is gender male female select  will do

 Then complete your mobile number here with your zero then there is the email address through which you will be mailed to tell you whether you will receive the money wait then check the colon like this colon then comma then add multiplication then by doing this you will give a pin number

 Then will your pin number be very strong? If you want to confirm the pin number, you will type it again here, then click on the submit button to type it, then you will need to click and bend. After bending, your login will be complete here.

 After you are done look here there is a code number written here you must copy your number copy your number you will open your notepad your notepad then see these things please look carefully what is the number after coming

 You have to press here, but I will present the number here, so if you work as I do, you will get paid. See, after giving a colon, I will press the number here. I have saved the number here. Again, I will enter the site.

 Look there are two numbers the code is written one zero look it is written save it then there is another code number I will save it don't look these three numbers you must remember you if you forget the number but you will not get your money because your number is saved  If you go

 Look at what you have to follow now, you have to read all the things that are written here, you have to read them beautifully, then make it beautiful, click here, then see the current power plant after eight o'clock, but your friends who are in shops, shops, various offices, courts, but it's after eight o'clock.  But it will be closed

 But you can't mispromote electricity. The code number is written. You will refer. By referring, you will get Airtel commission. OK. Then look here. Here is your Telegram and Facebook. Join your Telegram group and

 If you want your Taka Bikash Cash, you can search any number, you can top it and if you want to get sixteen thousand Taka, you have to click on the above notification icon, see here it says 10% commission if you refer, you can click here to know your income, then see you back.  After coming, dear friends, then

 I will see you after coming back, now I will open my cash account, I will click on thank you, then I will click on that phone, then I will click on see Bikash cash, then if you want to withdraw your money, you need to have at least 10 thousand points in your account, then you can withdraw your money.  .

 Apps Link:- Download Now

 Govt Anudan Apply Now

 So it's very easy to earn ten thousand points if you watch the video today you will get it and what you are doing now in the comment of this video you will write the number the money will go then you have to wait for that you have watched it patiently

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 Thank you very much. Until today you will all be well. Thank you very much for seeing you today. Assalamu Alaikum.

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