govt money 2023 techsite bangla

govt money 2023 techsite bangla

govt money 2023 techsite bangla

You all can earn Rs 990 by watching online and you can develop your income money rocket cash by any means and important thing here you can earn through free mobile done now just four minutes ago got money in bkash account

I will now open the message then see u hash hundred taka then watch video watch here for every video watch you can earn 96 taka by watching ten videos 990 taka and as many videos as you play as long as you give time friends you are many told me brother through mobile Means if there is any way to earn for free as well as the medium that I will share in today's video

In this way, you all, by watching only ten videos, friends, in today's video, please, I will tell you one thing about me, you all keep my word, today's video, since you want to watch it, I request you all, if you really want to earn free through mobile. If you want to know about the work well, share the video on Facebook Messenger. Now I will open the Play Store app

Then look here I will charge now super vpn so super matter open you have to connect bpen then to connect bpen click on this logo in the corner then click on the logo you will get many countries available which country you will click on You can connect and then click on the connect button to open. Guys, please tell everyone again

All of you will like the video, it doesn't take any money to like, so where is the problem to like and share the video to everyone on Facebook Messenger, open it, about ten million downloads, that means 100 million people are working, I will click on google on your phone. Your devices mean login gmail address your nick name you will make it so that no other id is available as nick name

So see I mean 2026 I will add it after my name and see if the name will not be there then see if it happens then you have to try that your nickname becomes available friends here you give your profile pic after you select your gender Do mail female then after giving nick name click on next button see what i will give here i don't like anything here but

Here technology then don't like music then still selecting then after giving here only five options to select here then again click on next button then income will be by watching video ok now I will click on menu icon my profile after profile comes here what will I do Click on this settings icon, you can upload photos, videos, music, and for that, click on the video option and click on the plus icon to directly share the link on YouTube.

Upload from gallery by clicking on upload from gallery photo video from gallery now from here I will click this video option here then after clicking on video option watch here a video is started 6789 like this all post video you will see watch and like then income Your balance will be added then you will show the videos directly in front of you that you will earn by watching them. See here you will get many videos.

Through all these videos you will earn here any category video you can earn by watching tv watch all videos you can earn by watching here all videos food spot news fashion technology life style then watch automobiles mean you will get all you will get avalable The loading will be you have to wait waiting result will be very sweet there are points

You will click you have to accept then from here I will accept see from here basically you can earn by Spain then see I will click then here you will get all the updates available then click menu iPhone here I am this I will click on the lips on the mic, I have to click here, then after I come, I will click on this B from the top

I will click on this logo in this corner after coming here you video then you will get everything you can live I will click watch I will click on this watch video and immediately the video will start directly in front of me that by watching all the videos my income will be then see here you have here spn free coins i will now click on this screen button then see you can then see

Here you will find many mediums, see here is your apple, then see many mediums to earn, then make a line, then you will invite, you will click on invite, if you click on invite, here you will see through inverter. Refer If you refer, everyone will get income then you will see after Beka comes, the money withdrawal system says, for god click here the radium button from above

I will click here then see here what you have to do here you don't need to give this amount here basically it seems that you need to give the number here I don't understand this clearly so see here the code name

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