money donation in bangladesh 2023 govt money 2023 tech

money donation in bangladesh 2023 govt money 2023 tech

money donation in bangladesh 2023 govt money 2023 tech

Ok friends after watching today's video you all can earn 2000 taka per day from here and you can make your money by any means you develop cash rocket so friends I think today's video is very important in your life so in today's video I will share you.

If you want to do any job besides sitting here at home then you can earn from here only mining in addition to any job you can do any kind of job here I will link you here by mining you can also earn 2000 rupees daily for free so friends And 100% does not pay

then tell me i will pay you myself ok click on title you will click on video you video pin comment or click on your video description but when you get link what you have to do sir enter it i am live in today's video I will withdraw money live and add money and earn you

I will show you that you have to create an account here, then the second part, then the username, then the email address, then give a phone number here, except zero, then the pin number, then what pin number is given in this room, then friends, whenever you click on the register button, how will your account Done Done After making the account, now you have to follow the things

So the account will be yours after the account is created you can earn from here then when the account is created see here your main account will complete your balance then here is whatsapp account facebook play store and telegram ok then check all things ok now check friends here but miss you Call down

By clicking here you can earn by your referrals, you all will refer more and more free 99 dollars you have to inbox within this you will get profit here and then if you want to get nine percent profit then you have to invest between 100 to 199 dollars You will get 9 percent commission for 0.5% commission for $100

You have to invest 1949 dollars 500 dollars to invest then fifteen percent income like 501 to 1000 dollars in between if you then get swimming commission you have to make 1000 dollars after coming guys I will now click on the menu icon from here then look here guys Today I will pay only four dollars

Then I will click on next and then I will click here copy the number and now you have to enter your cash account enter the cash account and send money to you I will show you that Handet Persen they pay Kinagais all of you but after watching today's video you can earn 100% type will do

I will give your number here and then I will click on the iPhone 400 taka then from here I will see what I will do from here after giving the pin number here after giving it I will tap and hold it. If you tap and hold it will be done. You can earn money through this website

Here you need to press in this box, now you have to click confirm, the dollar will be added in your account. After see dollar successfull but my plan buy done successfull

Now from here I will go to Benka after Beka comes if you want but with more dollars than this but you can take out the packages ok now from here I will click on my dash bot after coming to your dash vote see friends refer but get a good commission from here Everyone can but refer here

Then here is in best history then history transfer translation here you will get refer brother every time i click from here you will get bonus by referring who you refer all of you refer ids show here how many dollars you invest and how many dollars you invest If you take out the packages then you can get this 5% here

It is written but you will get it is written here what happens if you join you will get many proofs on live your refer commission and six percent then see the price per dollar is 100 taka dollar time is 11 am means from 11:00 am to 11 pm you can do the work right Ok guys whenever you release the packages you will be told the percentage commission of your package

You will get that commission but here you don't have to do any work, just click on the phone, then get it here, click on payout, click on payout, here is my Bkash cash available, I will open the window on cash, click on cash, point seven. Click on it and then I will click on next. Now I will give my cash number here and make the cash account number beautiful

Will check when you match your number and see if it is correct then click without confirmation see friends it is written here ok friends I have just received the money so see live proof I will now open the message see 0.3% Today's date and time is said

I got my own money Friends, see here it is written, friends, 100% real, so everyone should pay attention, then today's video is up to now, you all will be fine, Allah Hafez.

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