money donation in bangladesh 2023 govt money 2023 tech

money donation in bangladesh 2023 govt money 2023 tech

money donation in bangladesh 2023 govt money 2023 tech

I couldn't stay without doing the loan video today. Many people called me and sent me SMS saying that brother, is there any proper medium that I want to take a loan from where I can take a loan from 1000 to 60000 taka. can do

If you think you can do it, if you think you can pay 1000 rupees every month, I will show you a proof that you can do it. In this case, I will open my message now. I have saved so I request to all who are in trouble

Maybe you will do something with the money maybe you have a problem with your business or your family maybe you want to pay off your loan maybe you clicked on today's video but I will tell you if you really want to take the loan today Share on Facebook Share on Messenger Now see who is called Dhaka City here

Here is what is written in the balance, the video is 55 thousand rupees, but I got a loan. On March 15, I got the money. It's nine fourteen minutes now. Friends, I will get it all. I ask you to trust me. I will tell you if you want to get the loan

If you don't get the loan you all will get it ok guys first of all you need to open you search here you can get loan through LOAN loan you must take it today see here monkey john then I will share you such a medium

In this way, you double the loan, what you have to do first is to open the message option of your phone, if you have to honor the loan through Sonali Bank, then you have to click on the status, to open here, you need to give this number 7904567, then you will type this number. Your right click will do what you do from here

Friends here you write Sonali Sonali after writing Sonali Limited Limited Thousand Taka you give a comma and give the money your contact number because the contact number will call you your account number you have account in Sonali Bank I will give that account number but I will give you your I think the number is after giving him the card number

Friends, what will you do with you, you can solve any problem or your family may have personal issues, you all will get a loan, you may want to get your money for the problem, but you can solve any problem, you need to have 55 rupees on the phone. there is

If you are on SIM then you can SMS this number five times about five times OK and in today's comment you must friends when you type this text after typing see the number that is written here if your message does not go to this number then I will give you two more Send the number and see if I tell you the next number is the first number

By typing the number with this name, then it will be ok friends and the loan but you all will get the loan many people call me and say that brother I am in such a problem my loan is very important I want to tell everyone that actually if you want to get the loan brother You have to follow these techniques and the bank's work will be fine

But will verify the NID card number you have given the bank number you have given, how are the transactions in your bank, then if you give your ID card number, what are you working, where are you, your home, your village police station, call or SMS your number.

You will show sms your sms will tell you a code number never tell anyone the code number friends but you will get the loan from here and of course write nice in comment till now you all will be fine take care bro Allah Hafeez

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