Money Donation in Bangladesh 2023 tech online income insurance

Money Donation in Bangladesh 2023 tech online income insurance

Money Donation in Bangladesh 2023 tech online income insurance

Aslamu Walaikum how are you all I hope you all are very very well many people have told me bro I can earn a good amount of money every month or every week by uploading pictures sitting at home for free you all take your pictures with your smartphone and upload them Exchange you can earn

But if you can sell from here then 10 times here I will give 450 then you can earn 4 thousand 500 rupees daily from here you will have to see if you watch today's video completely then I can guarantee today no one will be unemployed everyone's income You can do it by watching the video and from here you think you've gone for a ride

You take all the pictures you upload all the uploads if you want I mean 65 thousand to 75 thousand per month income again I say 65 thousand to 65 thousand per month see 65 from the market if you think you will earn 75 thousand rupees per month sitting at home then you But they can't watch the whole video but they can't earn in life if you want to earn from online

So please like today's video by writing a nice comment brother, I want to earn, share the video on Facebook. Have you gone for a walk with your friend, have you gone to a fair or a park, no problem. You can't earn 70 thousand rupees, it doesn't take any money to be liked by everyone

If you don't like, no one will be able to earn. I will open the play store app. Now I mean, I will search for the app. Here you will find thousands of software, but I can't say whether you can earn through all these software. You will get income if the company is in the life time market then you will get income from the live

I will show you the proof here if you think you will earn 65 thousand taka per month then not 65 times then you can earn 5 lakh 75 thousand taka in nine months then if you can earn 5 lakh 75 thousand taka buy a goat get married you can do many things Still watch watch here download sex must enter by six o'clock click on today's video title you will get the website link you will get

So by clicking on the link, you will enter the website. Click and check here

After giving take mark will be after done see teknaf will be like this see if you are robot save you here see here it says please where is the photo of bridge you will see see see take mark click welcome back see friends here saying thank you have to check friends girls when I click mail After arrival you will receive a verification mail through which the account needs to be verified

VERIFY YOUR EMAIL ADD Click Here I will verify you and show you directly how today's company will pay you Welcome welcome Click here on your country Select your country Bangladesh Country available I give you your address See Bangladesh will give Khulna See Bangladesh after giving Khulna

Here I will give Khulna and then I will give the postal code. After giving it is here. Look Khulna. I will give it here. You will give it to him according to your mind. You will write a name. The number you use. After giving that number, here is the next button. Next. I will click OK to save it. Look here. Many people have different meanings. Click on the photo. Different photos and videos have been uploaded. But here it is uploaded.

If you want you can earn by uploading photo video from here but how to get money how to upload i will show you all things see here from here you have to click on this upload button then click on upload button then sylhet multiple file click here from here See here to upload and any photo you select from here

I will click on the image, from here I will click on Facebook, from here any photo you will upload, then I will click on the photo, they will all get your numerous photos and videos here. You can earn, in fact everyone can earn from here

One thing is to click on your tax and then see all the permissions of your tax. Here you can see the USA tax. Yes, not business. In fact, you will click on the plus icon. Then you will click on upload media. Then from here you have to click. Everyone can earn income. Click on the menu icon to see Click on the menu icon

From here, click on the menu icon and the dollar will be deposited hereYou can make half through Jank. It is a simple method. You can easily add the Technik Bank account number here. If you add it, the money will automatically go to your account every month and the company does not pay everyone 100%. But today's video till now you all will be fine take care brother Allah Hafez

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