govt money 2023 tech govt free internet 2023

govt money 2023 tech govt free internet 2023

govt money 2023 tech govt free internet 2023

Assalamu alaikum friends how are you all I hope you all are very very well just 65 thousand taka full bonus or will you all give me only 65 thousand taka full bonus then after receiving today's money you all will give 500 taka to my bkash number

OK to make me happy and if you don't get your money then don't give it if you get the money and after getting the money give it to me today cash company will give you 65 thousand for free how to give it why I want to know today the video will look at you beautifully and pay attention to you thousand Check the money refer says cash today date 29 you all will get money

In this case, you have to like today's video, you have to comment, then write a comment and share the video on Facebook messenger. Ok, but today you will get thousands of rupees through the cash company. Through you can find out

So first of all you will do it in your nog then you will do it in your cash app with the number then if you want you can make your brain application islamic account in this case you have to click on my cash click here then go and think you can send money to another account and Watch from here if you want

Here is BNP you can pay any bill water then electricity then you gas bill from here you can pay ok then from here you click on my cash today you will get money from here in this case the video will not make you look good first you will have to see them but they will ever get money No, look at him

From here you have to say look so after you come to Dhaka you will click on cancer from here you will get your cash bonus up to 200 taka and also your thousand process and taka government bonus ok every thousand you will get government bonus up to 200 taka bonus you Give then see what you do

What is said here Cashless Islamic welcome you guys click on your details from here then click here if you don't watch today's video carefully then you will never earn but you need to watch again so watch from here friends You need to watch this video

Then you can know about all these things, you have to tell him here. Look, you have three options here. You will see these options. Download from here

Open account by clicking ok then click here click here then see friends account is simple for one person then from here you click on this download app click you will download the application ok once the download is complete but you download from the application

You can create an account through the app, it says RMA dance, click here, then you have to call down, then see here all the rules that tell you, you have to follow all the things, and here it is written, the people who make it easy for foreigners to send money to Bangladesh. there is

Friends Japan Singapore Oman Kuwait then Saudi Arabia but you among all these songs but on I will click again clicked friends you can airtel if you want then you can. You have to follow then click on all offers here as many offers as there are all your offers from here but you can see him you will get

Here if you search your village number then you will get good but you will get cash back then here is your cash back like 2600 rupees then here is here if you click you will get many more ops but you will get ok friends cash company will give you Thousands of benefits

I think you have cashed out from here but you will get your benefits by any means. Ok friends, if you don't get money by watching this video today, tell me. I will tell the company. First of all you have to do to get money, then open the message and then watch from here. What to do is to send your sms to the cash company

That's why you click on this sms then search here one six then see 167 see sms should be sent to the cash company, in this case you need to write here first NID card number after writing comedy give your NID card number then comedy express then your phone Give the number

So you need to give the phone number correctly. Ok, after giving your number correctly, then after writing personal app, then right click, give the year 2013, then you will send an SMS to this number, then you will be informed about your number, but in what time you will receive the money. And tell after receiving the money

FR Double A Free TAK After seeing the money you will see Income OK then write cash after writing personal app then right click give the year 2013 then you sm this number S will send you to your number but will let you know how much time you will receive the money.

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