govt money 2023 tech site bangla $2,000 free money

govt money 2023 tech site bangla $2,000 free money

govt money 2023 tech site bangla $2,000 free money

Assalamu alaikum dear friends how are you all I hope you all are very very well first you need to open the play store app then everyone who will watch today's video carefully but you can earn from here today you need to search here first

Look here you will search by typing rm when you enter here you will get numerous applications then through all these apps have you ever been able to earn through ludu game then you might say I have never been able to earn so today is You can earn good amount of money after watching the video

So if you watch today's video well then I can guarantee with warranty that you all play ludo game and earn money I will show you proof in this case I will open my message then open the message and then watch me but just minutes before reaching my cash account But I got the money now I will open the message

So, friends, look at the evidence, it means that it is not possible to earn 4900 rupees in a restaurant. I tell them, if you watch today's video carefully, then the misconception you have will be broken. Like the video, comment and share the video on Facebook messenger. Search so that everyone can earn

How to earn money by playing ludu game, you will get thousands of videos, I can't tell you whether you have earned money till date through those videos.

Click on today's video title then you will get the website link Best Ludu Tournament of Bangladesh click here you will download the application

Mr. Ludu Cash You download this application from here you need to click on this menu icon From here you click on download Mr. Ludu Cash Apk file then whenever you click on install button your application will be installed in your device when you do ok

Ok friends, you will enter the environment in the app. Welcome, you can earn your money by playing Mr. Ludo cash game. Here you have to create a new account. Click on account. If you want to create an account, enter your name here, then your last name, then enter your phone number here.

So make the name correct, then you have to enter the phone number here, then you have to enter the email address, you have to enter a Gmail address, here you have to enter three numbers, then it is your personal matter, who will give the pin number, then you have to enter the pin number again.

The refer code will work even if you don't give it then you click here then see the pin number here but you need to give the add number ok so in the final my account is completed then after making the account see here it says you will see the time and join the message at the specified time your game will start will be

And if you can't be active in the specified time, the person opposite to you will be won. Click OK. Click here. This is your referral code. If you want, you can refer and earn money.

Here is your account number then account name will show here here is my profile player then see here is share icon then go click on your click click here you will get many messages see here you have to join messages with only thirty thousand taka

If you can, then you can earn. You can earn real money. If you want to join the message, you have to click on the join button. In this case, you need to have 40 thousand rupees in your account. Then you have to add money to the account. In this case, you have to click on the icon.

So from here you need to go to Bekar first click if you want but you can transfer money if you want to know how to add money watch this video if you want to know how to join message watch this video if you want to play ludo match if you want to know this match

You will play this video, I will now click on this add value, then friends, I will click on this add value button, then see here there is bkash cash, then there is rocket, but there is no current available label, then there is bkash Nagar available label, I will click on the number, here you will click on bkash. Copy the number by copying the number

After entering the number in bkash app, you have to click on the more icon, click on the amount and then click on the icon again. To send money

Tap here and hold here I will hold after see my Hussain mean but successful completed now you copy the transaction number this number will be copied in the app you enter then after entering the app you have to submit with the transaction number

Then the money will be added to your account from the number you received the money from You will enter that number and then how much money you will send, it will give your amount in the balance, but the money will be added, see 200 taka 9:54 am in the current text, the money will be added to the account. Welcome back.

In just five minutes the money will be added to your account because the application doesn't understand the phone. In this case you have to click. See my current account is two hundred rupees. Now, if you get it from here, it's on the icon. I have to square down. I will join a big message.

Here I join with only 110 taka if I can win then I can earn 200 taka then look here you will get many matches you will get here if you can be here I can earn 400 taka ok you are like this but you will get many messages

So any match of your choice you click whenever you click on join button then here is given the name you have to enter the name here then but you can join your in this match then after the name you click but to join the match can

After joining you will be given room id like time how to play the game click here if you want to know you need to copy your My Day and open direct play store app then open estore app and search here

Here you search Lodo Arena then you install from here this app from Ludo King app then you can earn money if you get copy copy you enter Ludo King app and you click with if you get it click here

Then you can join the match then you join in the mess you play the game you played your ludu game like before you left the screenshot thanks you will give here after giving here auto upload image from here

By clicking here you click here you select the screenshot by the dealer and upload it you click this upload and you can see the text that is here then friends now I will show you how you can withdraw your money today through ludu game you can bend in this case will need

After showing you click from above click on logo then see my win balance but total balance is 500 taka I will click here then see here I will click on Bikash and give my bikash number after giving bikash number here I will give amount 300 taka then I this web will click

You all will get 100% payment from here today and I myself got the money. You all will get it. See I played ludu game but won 300 taka and my balance is 300 taka but the company added it. I will open the message and then see. See the evidence

In today's video I will show you the proof of 300 taka here the time is 10-11 pm ok see I have received the payment on my mobile then all my friends will get 100% payment you all will be fine Hafez

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