Online Income 2022 best income perday 8000 BDT Income govt money anudan

Online Income 2022 best income perday 8000 BDT Income govt money anudan

Online Income 2022 best income perday 8000 BDT Income govt money anudan

Friends, I have just received 7900 rupees in my Bkash account through the app, so see the proof, I will open the message, then see the amount of you have recipe is written as 7900 rupees, but through the app, you can withdraw money from your Bikash Nagar cash account.

 So watch the proof on live he has to say today is the best video of your life because after watching it I will give you money for that you have to pay attention and watch today's video now it's two in the morning I'm doing the video now because I was sleeping on the phone but the sms came then I thought I'm doing the video right now  I've been making videos for you all night for this

 Today you all like and write comment nice bro i want to earn from cash app that is you will get 7900 taka how will you get and how will you account if you want to know all the things don't watch the video carefully then you will tell many people  Today's video is for you to watch carefully

 Ok, if you haven't seen the video with the door, then you need to watch the video because this video is how I will talk to you, so you have to like it.  will need

 But first of all you have to go to the side and make the account privately, see friends, see how much username username you do like this first name then add any number of the last Bikash cash number then it says current click here you country code number  Select it

 Bangladesh you will place here you will give the same click on account after giving account login friends my account I am now logged in to discuss the matter I request you again since you have clicked on today's video to watch today's video on your precious time then but then you can earn

 Write here to click here it is written profile icon click here friends profile who is writing about you only 10 dollars then it is written 25 dollars then fifty dollars then 100 dollars then it is written 250 then there is 500 then it is written here first of all you click on the icon  Please see it is written mobile banking click here

 Or you USE or you will copy this number, the number will be copied, you will copy this number, give him the amount of money, then friends, we will see for him, after coming back, I will open the calculator now.  No he has to tell a lot about your life in the video today because I will select cash from here

 After giving that number you will give the number ok ok friends I have sent money to this number then after sending the money I have placed the transaction number here now I will click on submit then friends I have clicked see if it is written if you only 10  If you invest dollars then you can earn money to earn 3000 rupees daily

 And 50 dollars you can earn 92 rupees to earn only 182 rupees. After the dollar is added, I will login and click on the sign in button. Friends, see, I will make a request now. Re fest, my balance has been added.  I'll go up and after I come up I'll click click and see it says I square down and see it says mine but it's turned on

 Then I will click here OK friends from here you all can earn but if you don't get money tell me I will tell the admin and I will pay your money on my own responsibility but you will inbox OK friends see I will click on the menu iPhone then see what is written click  I will do it and then click OK. From here you will see these things well

 Then you will click on the menu icon, friends, click here, from here you will see your label, your level, your username, whom you will refer, your so many people, you all, but you can earn 100% from here.  I will pay your money and then we will see

 Friends, you have done the invoice, now click on it, then click on it, then you will need to take your money first, so you will click on it, it says only where can I earn now, only the dollar has been added.  I will click on the account but the dollar has been added

 If I want, I can convert, if I click on convert, you will get dollars.  Type Welcome Wallet and click on it


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 Click here and you will select a number. But I will withdraw 3 thousand rupees from here. After paying Dangerson Pen, click after paying. But you can withdraw your money.



 From here you all have been shown live so today so far friends you all will be fine then assalamualaikum

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