Earn 3 thousand taka daily at home

Earn 3 thousand taka daily at home

Earn 3 thousand taka daily at home

You have to login first see this is our telegram channel actually here but you will get numerous updates how to do when you will work on which app and which app is doing current market payment A to Z update you will join this group.  Which App Gadgets Emotion Group will you join ok friends I will give the link here then you all but click on the link and create an account you friends have to create an account

 That's why you click on next then click on next and grant permission after giving see friends how to do A to Z if you want to know what to do A to Z carefully and patiently watch today's video click on start button OK I don't want to first you need to give your email address I  Since I will give the pin number here, what will you give, but you must remember the pin number, read it and click.  You will get the verification code number in your mail

 After seeing the code number, you will put it here, it will be created, then see what is written, select your selection from here, click on the confirm button, the number will go to your verification code number, you will click on verify, the very code number will go away, then you will actually see the code number.  How much is the code number then my code number has been received in the final so I will verify the code number and type it here

 So, friends, you can earn 100% from here today, so you have to fill in the empty cells, after that, you click on the OK button, then you click on the next, so friends, whenever you click on the next, you have to complete the login to login.  If you click on login button with your account and gmail address pin number then enter friends then click on next then your account will be completely verified from here

 Then you will be able to earn, otherwise you will never be able to earn, friends, you will have to pay, but basically from here you will be able to earn, after paying, you will click.  Click here and click here. From here you will select Bangladesh and confirm the language.

 Click on right again the account will complete successfully then finally my account is complete friends see I will show you the important things then check the account but if you mean one rupee you will get good bonus from here then for that you will click the order you will confirm button  Click on added account and see TMC points but you will get bonus

 Do about 500 tmc you will get bonus worth about 45 rupees so friends then you will click from my mother click from your mother here if you want but refer unlimited but you can earn then you all but do more then friends then see  If you click on the home button, then how many points are there, the current one will leave but there is no available label

 So when you work you in all country sorry wall category here you click then see any work but you will get by doing these but you can earn from here friends here when you click friends it will take you to any website after going here  You will wait, chat, wander, but you will be able to earn money

 From here I will do this TMC by clicking friends see it is written complete you have to click the first one you have to follow the matter from your trust or finas account you have to enter the address here you have to give the fund you can get ten tm for free just by giving it friends then it is written  Demo I will show you the money withdrawal live so I will copy my address but here is my address.

 I will copy the address. I will copy the address and I will enter here. Those who are basically doing this today's video with the door, but all of them will be able to earn, friends through this, but all of them will get hundred percent payment.  But everyone can't earn. I will click. Friends, I will click. I will click on your center and show you live from here.

 So I will click center and address then see here I will give my amount here after payment here is demo description for that I will tell you easy medium see contact number first and I mean I will send money to your bkash cash number as per your difficulty then I will  I will click on the confirm button and then enter the pin number here

 But I will submit from here ok guys and all of you from here but 100% and if there is any problem

 So you tell me then surely you all can earn from here then friends today all of you will be fine then all work Assalamu Alaikum

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