Govt Free Data Free MB offer for all SIM No one miss 100% guarantee

Govt Free Data Free MB offer for all SIM No one miss 100% guarantee

Govt Free Data Free MB offer for all SIM No one miss 100% guarantee

 Friends, welcome back, click on today's video title, then you will first get the link of this app, then click on the link, friends, open it, make you beautiful, you need to create an account in today's video.  by doing

 You will complete the account ok here I am my friends here but I can create the account with any gmail address ok you all but by watching this video today but you all can earn mobile phone then you give your gmail address mail address  But you can't earn from it

 OK here you are beautiful and click on your email and type your name here OK here you are to type your name beautifully then after you enter your name I will type the number zero here I will type the number after 10 and then click on the coin button  No one will know that pin number

 Secret Pin Number You will make this pin number in such a way that no one can understand the pin number ok friends after giving the pin number you will click on account your account will be completed now you have to login with the gmail address you have created the account with

 So friends, you have sent me a mail, so I will click on this email, so when you click on the Gmail address, you have to verify your account by clicking on this link.  If I verify

 But I can't earn from your referral. See verified ok my account but the verification is completed. Now I will do the environment in the app. After friends come in the app, I have to login because my account is verified, so I will click on the silent button.

 Then I will type the email address here OK after giving the email address I will give the PIN number here OK after giving your email address and PIN number you will click on the login button Click on the login button then done in this app today here you have to use the refer code here you  The referral code is this referral code

 You will use here in the box, if you don't give the referral code, but you can't earn, friends, you all give the refer code, but you can earn, you click here, OK, then you will get two and a half hundred taka bonus in your account.

 Refer ok friends click on hide it tells you go to cricket wallet here you have to do all out carrier for that you click order friends click allrata then second new wallet friends click now things you have to follow

 You must remember the code numbers that are written here. Ok, friends, the code numbers are of course, you will keep your guarantee or you will give me a pick but if there is no problem with another phone, then I will click on confirm. Now I will give you these words.  From here you have to select first

 Which one was mine, you can compare it from here, you will see the text that you have first, you will see that text from here, in fact, which of your text was coming first, you can't do it, friends, so you have to look at you like this, but do you verify your account completely?  can do

 Who is my account but now verify after giving ok you will click here ok guys carrier whenever I click see mine but all out but career complete see account now but current total balance only zero dollars ok click here and see  This is my referral code if you use this referral code

 All of you double yours but twice but you make 2500 but you can earn 500 rupees. That's why you have to follow. That's why you have to click on verify and click on account verification. Then I'll show you again.  Click N to download from here

 You call down S and see it says verify your account click here click here or see here yours click here your see verify his account click here you will fill them then friends pay attention to you see you today  You will need to provide the address here

 According to your NRD card you have to fill address here then you need to give postal code number then you need to verify it then but can you verify your account then friends your NID card name then your date of birth same you fill them in the same way  fills up

 You will click OK in the content then your NID card or your NID card you will see who is given the number and you will put your number in your number and to whom you send it you will click OK then from here you will give permission then friends will click after giving permission whenever you  Click on

 From here you have to upload document you can't ok so you also have to upload document that's why you have to check it says science very fine here you click ok then click here then see friends here is united state here you click ok from here you  Click on Bangladesh

 But you can see Bangladesh country from here, you will go up. If you go up, you will get the country. OK, I will get the country. Now you have got your country. After you have given it, click and click to see from here it is written National NRD. From here you click on National NRD.  Do it for that

 your energy but you upload it guys for that you see upload photo click or you click camera icon then but you can upload from your gallery ok but i will upload it now but you all do it for you click camera  Direct you can upload

 Here you click on OK then your phone camera will be opened then after your camera is opened you have to verify OK then you will verify your account Verifying the account but if you verify then it will be done

 So can you verify your account ok then see here is your TISLRN click here and see how you can do this I will get one more video later today but it will be up to now

Govt Free Data Free MB offer for all SIM No one miss 100% guarantee

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 So you have completed these, I will do one more next from where I will show you how you can withdraw money in this app and your Tech Care by Allahafez.

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