Earn 12 thousand taka per month from home online taka income best income online

Earn 12 thousand taka per month from home online taka income best income online

Earn 12 thousand taka per month from home online taka income best income online

 You sit at home and earn your money. Welcome back, friends. You click on today's video title. Click on the website link. Click on the pen link. You click on Android. You click to download. Friends.

 You have to install but you click on the inner button you install but you can create account then invite quad but it will be given automatically if you click on my link ok then friends then see password friends then you have to login done account you click on menu icon  Do see friends

 But now my account is coming only for 10 dollars you will get 10 dollars so friends see me but you click on invite then friends click on invite then see here is the invite code invite link through this link you can earn by referring  can  So friends will refer you more click here

 So click on personal information you have to type us rd information so friends first you type your name here then usd address here you have to open minus to give your address but you have to create account how do you create account in bines you search on youtube about this  If you do you will get thousands of videos

 I will copy the address by clicking twenty. You will need to copy the address here.  Ok friends address but you need to edit.  Now you will add the address then you will add the address then see what is written then you click save here then click OK friends now you need to be seen after the job comes friends see

 Click here then click on call down from here here is VIP you click on VIP then see VIPS zero then VIP one then friends see VIP two here is your VIP three you read the level you read means you will activate that label  You will join click ok friends if you want but

 You can inbox here, click here, friends, click here, you copy this address, you send this address, you will send the dollar, after sending, then from here you can activate them, you can activate them, then you can activate them, then see, here is Facebook.

 Here you have to complete these tasks you click friends you rest again your son click ok these tasks you click complete recipe then but your tasks will become active but after activation you will survive friends click here  Ok friends click on the open link

 Then you just submit your likes on Facebook, click on that link, friends, you will open it, but the tasks here are very simple, you have screenshots, you have to complete the tasks, you will click on them, then what you will do here, you will refresh the link.  After giving

 You will enter, enter, friends, see the tasks that you have to complete from here, but there are numerous tasks, you will complete them, the tasks must be completed here, but there are thousands of tasks.  you can bring

 Hello, two very important things to say. Why, I am copying another link. Now I will go to Facebook. After coming to Facebook, I will give it to you. Friends, look.  Must comment

 Then you can earn your submit then you can basically earn through youtube facebook you can earn through them see here there is work then see friends here is your menu icon click on menu icon click on telegram then friends click on telegram you  Join the group

 Ok inter place enter payment password here give a pin number ok after giving pin number you will click on window you will give ok friends then enter the fun passwords you will get the payment.  Current balance will receive only zero dollar payment. Now I will show you the proof that I actually received the money

 Friends, we all work on 100% payment, if you don't get the money, tell me, I will call the admin and help you. Click on the notification.  Gone means I got the dollar



 Ok, you all can earn through this site today, friends, if you can't earn, then tell me today, thank you all so much for your full attention today, friends, take care by Allahafez.

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