Earn 5700 taka per day and 30 thousand taka per month from online

Earn 5700 taka per day and 30 thousand taka per month from online

Earn 5700 taka per day and 30 thousand taka per month from online

 Assalamu Alaikum daily income from online through mobile is 5700 taka.  pls guys first open play store then search here here you write super vpn so super bf when you search

 Dear friends, you will get it by downloading and opening it, you will be able to withdraw your money. Hello friends, then you will click here, you will cut the ear, then my wedding pant, but it is done. Now you have to open your app. Friends, look, it is here.  When you search by typing

 But you will get this application ok daily care application you download it click on download open you are in right way means you have to create account right click on sign up button then there is your friends first name from here

 Then you will type the number then you will give the pen number with which pin number you will withdraw money plus you will create account you will have to click on account refer code is completed guys then click on your set see I am done here you are but getting commission  go

 Ok friends you all but double more you click refer and you will refer then hello friends see the best app for online income if you click it will be yours with ad you will see after watching your balance you will see like this you will earn eleven taka friends  Now friends wait

 So friends from here you can earn by doing survey but sir you can earn from 5 to 6000 rupees friends then square down open heart click here friends click open then you will do class like this you will do class you will give you ed  Will have to watch the whole thing

 After seeing you will click there is call friends you will click then but after coming to Dhaka you will click on everyday gift then you will click on gift then see here there is 12345 here you will name it you will go beka then friends by doing this you will have to earn in Bikash Cash  You can find out by any means

 Do double more and friends then see you after coming back will be very own again you will see after watching but you will do or you friends here is gold ariod click here then click on the goal record you click how you have to earn these coins you have to earn

 You have to earn through this click here then you can earn you can earn money through that friends I am sharing today's application you will crush then click then it will be added you will close and you will be unemployed by doing this you have to earn

 By clicking on open you can crash you can earn here but you will get many jobs you can earn through this job but you can earn and I will show you how to get your money ok see friends here friends gift card  Do not click or view

 Here icon click here branch lady you can earn friends from here you have to earn money wheel clock you have to click then go watch but you can earn also from here you can earn 100 to 1000 rupees per day in video icon  Click to see how you can earn

 There are many videos here and you will earn by watching them. Click on the profile icon. Click on the icon reference. Click on the icon. Click on My Order.



 So click on the reading button then you will get your amount and if you don't get the payment then tell me I will tell the admin and I will pay your money but from here you all will get 100% payment so thank you very much

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