Earn 50 thousand taka per month by working online in government job

Earn 50 thousand taka per month by working online in government job

Earn 50 thousand taka per month by working online in government job

 Assalamualaikum how are you all you can earn by working online everyday but you can use send welcome back franchising money if you want to earn then click you will get website link or you can write on any page you will search then you will get website link from here you will get micro job  can do

 Friends, if you want to do freelancing, you can earn 15 dollars or 50 dollars. I will show you the jobs that are here. First, look at the jobs that are here. Just do it for three minutes, then you can earn only 22 rupees. You can earn only 11 rupees, about fifty.  Like a thousand rupees

 Ok friends you can earn 50000 taka how much can you earn in one hour maybe you can think thank you very much you will click friends I will click silent button now you will click on google you will click sorry friends I have clicked on facebook but when are you on facebook  You don't account

 Then problem in your Facebook account I will click on Google Click on Google How many gmail accounts are logged in your phone View my account complete You will give permission or you will block it Friends View My Campaign Research Money Fine Day Job Job Complete means how many jobs you have done

 Hello friends, by clicking on account settings, you will miss call down and add your number here, it means the number you want to withdraw your money, Bikash cash bank number, such as the number you will add, then see the address or the address you have on your passport visa card.  Add address here

 zip code means your post office code number add it your country add your district then you click here friends click here you click scot down or you click menu icon micro just click see it says rn friends see here  It says see RNR only 15 taka

 You will be given numerous tasks that you can do. By doing these tasks, you can earn 100 dollars from 15 dollars. Here it is. Click here. You can do any work well. It means that you have experience. Look at the tax link to the website. Data animation OK.

 Friends, download it, install it, then it will be done, then watch it, download it, then you will finish reading, then it will be OK, friends, you can make mobile applications, from here you can do many things, you can earn.

 Jobs are numerous jobs means you understand Fransing said it means many jobs you can do ok guys here but there are many categories jobs there are jobs I will show you one job I can earn only ten thousand rupees for that I will click on job you will click on job  Friends, you should first publish this link

 Phone number ok most important means you click on the link you will make account invite you will verify your number with code number friends account you will complete the work you will submit then friends have completed the work then you will give your mind so you will complete the work  There are numerous jobs available here

 Friends, you all want to earn, laptop computer takes a lot of money, you can't earn for free, like me, but I am earning for free, ok, friends, then look here, your menu icon is clicked here, then by clicking here, I am clicking on my profile icon, in the current account, only zero is coming.  Dollar then watch guys

 Here you will miss call down if you want you can make applet and you can earn friends here you can click here how much is your current earning ammounter will show you will see after the bake comes and you need to know the others you read in Bengali you translate in Bengali means sorry English are you in Bengali  By translating you can read friends click on the nano icon what will you do by clicking there are so many tasks written here

 You have done your work will show here then you need to follow the thing from here you click which job you have added means you have done good work many times you will get here you click on sms I click on sms  I have to verify the account

 Please input your phone number number here I will enter my number here I will type the number to be beautiful I will verify the account with that number a code number will go here your number plus double eight number will need to be given number verify code here you will give the code number I will  Now what to do open my sms means open my message

 And I will save it and see if he actually texted me. Hello guys, look, I haven't received it yet. I'll wait. Import it. Bikash cash bank number.  Make your Bkash number available and see that I have received the code number

 Friends, I got the code number to get the phone code number. You are very. After giving your number, you submit your number and amount. But you will get the money. It is very easy.



 Then you will think that you are earning money added to your account you can find out for whom Tech Care by Allahafez

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