New Online Income Perday 2000BDT Income govt money anudan 2022

New Online Income Perday 2000BDT Income govt money anudan 2022

New Online Income Perday 2000BDT Income govt money anudan 2022

Assalamu Alaikum and like it and in your comment you said that you are studying and working online as well. First of all you click on the link sir. By clicking the link you have to create an account in the right way. Full name then email address.  You will create account through mail

 Any name ok then any country you can select the country you are in then click here I will login to my account now friends to login the account here you have to type your account gmail address here gmail address and pin number in the account who are you  Please type here

 And today all of you can earn right way free full back ok its flooded then you click menu icon menu iphone and account you will get one dollar your totally free bonus in your account so from here you square down guys  From here you will square down then click on see my payel here

 What to do by referring you can earn this income and how much you have referred who you refer and what level you are but you will know from here I will click here then see friends 25 50 100 250 511 I am 12 dollars but here I will activate the package why?  Have to do friends look at the plan price is written only 12 dollars 200 days but you can work

 You will know then see friends then I will earn escor from here you have to click this confirm invest it says to activate for that you firstly you click on menu icon menu friends here you click then see from here you will see USD or you bkash cash friends

 So I think you can do something good in your student life besides studies by watching today's video friends what will you do after coming here now you need to follow important things you have spent a lot of time in your life see banking develop cash what will I do click develop friends  Mobile banking bkash cash available then click payment friends click payment

 Now for what you need to follow, friends, see the number you need to send money from here, if not, you need to follow it well, but you may have a problem with my network, so I will refresh it again and again, then see here, but loading like this  There will be a text that says 12 dollars mobile banking development, then look at Scott down and I will copy the account number to whom you will copy

 Don't copy the number like that from where you will send money to him through this number but I will still send the money and show you the proof. Look at the time and date written. Now what to do. I will give you a screenshot.  But if you don't have to submit

 You will click on the file so that it will not be added to your account, so friends, you will click on the file before you click on me, but I clicked from here you have given permission, it means that the proof has been left.  Friends clicked then see what happens

 My account but the distance will be added in a short time but you will get income and your money but you will like all of you by any means comment so friends my balance may also be added the money ok friends in a short time my account will be added but dollars now

I will show you how you can double your income watch the video watch here it says by doing multiple packages in one account you can earn as per demand no joke you can work friends watch here it says

Working here every month you can earn minimum 5 to 10 thousand taka and 15 to 20 thousand taka dollar value but only 100 taka is said here and the package you have to do the packages look here it says first level 5% commission second level 3  Percentage Second Level 2 Percent.  You will get level commission on project ok guys check it out

From here, you all enter, friends, after coming to the site, for the things that I will show you, you need to enter the sir, then click on the menu iPhone, click on like, click on buy plan for someone, friends, click here on brother plan.  Click and click

You will select the package from here but basically I will click on your package but it will be activated see Successfully activated now I will click on the menu icon and click after friends are reduced.  Now see that up to 12 dollars have gone from my account to your account

Every time you click on the account, here you need to enter a pin number. After entering the pin number, click on this confirm button. Friends, you will receive a missed call for this. If you want, you can withdraw the request award through US.  Click on the data to see

Friends, click here to withdraw money through Bkash. For that, I will click here and type twelve. Your Gmail address will go to a code number. Do you need to enter the code number here? Friends, but the code number will go to your Gmail.  Here you are squared down

Your Mobile Banking Bikash Details Click Here Bikash Number Type Here OK Friends OTP Code Here You Submit Then You Save It Well In Your Mail Then You Get OTP Code Number Then Here Your Number One Friends I Am Now Coming From Window  But I will get the payment and show you like proof and take out the money

So see now only one dollar is coming ok but I will show you it seems only one dollar in the account so friends I will get the money and show you the proof ok then look here there is an icon of SMS click here click on the icon of SMS you are 24 hours from here but  You will get help solution for any problem but you will get it here but Telegram group


If you want you can join telegram group here there are about seven thousand members here you join group ok guys then but you open to earn and ok guys I just got money see proof now I click sms then see I


Just now, one thousand taka, one thousand taka, today's wire, I will solve it for you, just tell the president admin, but you all can earn money, friends, stay well, take care, brother, Allah Hafez.

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