online job from home do government job earn 20 thousand taka per month

online job from home do government job earn 20 thousand taka per month

Hlw Friends, click on today, then you will get your link, then click on the link, by clicking on the link, you have to create an account.

 Click here any pen number then enter short again OK you will type your pin number again after verification you will write this code number see the code number you will write like this I will log in then click on silent button friends will click or you will click  Friends come no income

 Here friends click on this copy and copy your refer link and see you have written fast label friend person second three ok third level 1% but complete the levels then you will get percentage commission then friends but you can but by clicking on share  You can share your link directly

 Try to click and see friends here is level on then see label two level three ok friends see click then see from here you refer invite bonus invite bonus what you earn and have total bonus your show if you want but receive  You can do OK then see it is written "Take invite" but you can earn by referring but double

 You will see that you can earn 140 more rupees per referral, friends, now you will have your ok here, but all the topics are written, Tax Level and Total Daily Earning Level, Daily Earning here, but all the topics, but you will have a good look at him, here, but all the topics are written.  Have and see

 Here all the things are told how you will do these things you will see him like this you will see you work well according to the rules here but all the things are told you then click on your love then click then see your reference with your name member your first commission

 Your daily commission will show here OK from here you but you can earn double by referring but your sex person you click on its details friends click on details then see you but I will click then I will click here then see it is written to search for you  I will click on coins

 Then I will click on US directly here, I will select the tear to click on this address, but I will copy the address, then friends, copy the address, you will open your minus account or you will open your account, then see it is written USD, click here, then same  Click here to network

 After you press from here, see your network here, select your network, give your amount, after paying 10 dollars, after paying 10 dollars, friends, see what you have to do in this window, then see that it says confirm, click here, then click confirm, friends.  You will click on confirm

 Then you confirm, you click again, click on history, but in a short time, my account, but I, but I, but I can add the dollar, see it is written, "Proceok, that's why, what will I do now, but I will enter the site, ok, friends, I will add money to the site."  I did and immediately I will click 114 rupees

 Then look at my account but guys now I'll click on the girl I mean click on your menu iPhone and click on member I'll click on member sep then look at the label toe but your cam label ok here is 3 you can three level four level five ok things you'll see what I'll do this  I will click on the home page, friends, I will click here or I will refer you

 Friends, I will refer again and again, then see what is written here, it is written here a little complete, here I will click, so friends, click here, see it is written, I will click, but in the matching order, you will wait here, please wait a moment, but you will wait, then  Click this way you will complete your only 18 rupees you have to complete

 Click on next test quant se click percentage friends do like this you have to complete these orders you have to complete from here you have to complete these tasks from here see I but complete ok here but first pass level seven percent your ok  Guys look at how many shows I have here

 And here you have to read these things well now I am but 92 taka but I have earned my friends now see here but many are written 140 taka only 700 taka then see now I will click train how many people you have referred will show here then main income  Check from here, from here you will be unemployed, friends, give your amount here, give your amount of money

 By which method you will withdraw money, select bkash cash, you will click on confirm with bkash number, then friends, if you click on confirm, you will get your money, then all of you can earn 100% by withdrawing money from here, then friends, friends, see here I am.  I will click on this web day



 When I click then see friends it says level for window my account is 1375 taka OK give your money amount through which means bikash cash please give your name then enter bikash number with bikash number you click on confirm then friends today's video so far you all are good  will stay

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