50 thousand taka income per month earn taka income online at home

50 thousand taka income per month earn taka income online at home

50 thousand taka income per month earn taka income online at home

 Friends, today I will show you how to earn 50 thousand rupees per month at home.  Click on the title then you will click on the link of the website then you have to create an account to create an account friends see from here you have to make a career what you have to do

 You have to click so that you all know and understand him then give your mobile number first give your name then add any number with any number you then click on I agree with him as I have an account I am now beautiful in my account  do it now

 how to earn money ok guys today site my account is complete check account mood balance you fifty more money but you get free bonus today how many tasks you completed will show here and how much money you deposited will show here

 Ok see it is written you guys look here you can double click here you can earn then you will see after coming back click here it is written refer commission only 45 taka ok then see there are two packages of 1500 taka only 90 taka per refer then  There are three numbers, you can earn 180 rupees by making 3000 rupees

 And daily you can earn two and a half hundred rupees, number five, 12,000 rupees, daily you can earn 500 rupees, referee, you can earn 720 rupees, top friends, look, now I will be unemployed, after coming to Dhaka, now I will do transactions through cash, so I will click on cash.  By copying the said number, you will send 750 and the minimum amount to this number

 OK, you type the amount of money here, here is your ID, but now I will send money to this number, but I will send money of 750, then I will enter the transaction number, but it will be done, but I will wait for a little time, then the money will be added to my balance.  But I am 750 and Tk but ok.  But you see the evidence

 Now I will show you the proof that my balance will be added and how you can do the tasks and how you will earn. You will have to watch the whole video carefully in just two minutes.

 invest you one way click here you confirm click here ok then you will have money see proof this logo you click but you can complete tasks ok here you can do maximum but only one task then here first comment box will be develop  I will click here Bkash cash available label and then I will pull

 So I will type the amount of money 500 taka then confirm click here I will show the payment proof live then friends then check here give your bkash number I will give my bkash number then in one to two minutes but I will get the money I will show you the proof



 Look at the money 490 is written in today's app but you all can earn I got so much money you all will get it today till now you all will be fine take care by Allah Hafez

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