online taka income 2023 best earning per day 5000 taka income

online taka income 2023 best earning per day 5000 taka income

online taka income 2023 best earning per day 5000 taka income

Ok guys I have just received the payment in my bkash account I will open the message for that then see I got only three twelve taka so in today's video it says how much you can earn 55 thousand taka you have to watch carefully watch here time  It says 18 and 34 I got this time

Then look then it says 1836 means I got money two minutes ago 25 thousand then again two minutes later but I am getting what is 50 thousand taka then look 55 thousand taka then today's video you will watch in just 45 minutes if you have 45 minutes  With more precious time today video will take you 45 minutes why am I telling you today video will take you 45 minutes because watch cash through

If cash app is downloaded on your phone through this cashweb or if you have an account but you will get 55 thousand rupees bonus then how will you get it or in any organization you are working or your completely unemployed you are depending on your family why do you do this who do you want  No you don't depend on your family, you run on your own merit, you earn money online, you run on yourself.

Call it fake video butper will say many things to him never listen to all people's words a brother called me and said bro i am from middle class family i mean girl i mean a sister called me sister told me i am very middle class so give me a good medium from there good medium  I can buy a mobile phone by working and with that mobile phone I can earn money online

So after watching this video, fifty thousand taka passed through that sister, you all will get fifty thousand taka through the app.  Then you can buy mobile phone you can work see this sister but she told me brother I need mobile phone I will earn money online through Wall so I showed the life proof and I request to all when you get it means consecutively

You will get then only 5 thousand taka total you will get 55 thousand taka after that money then you will keep the whole money if you have division then all of you will give me 1000 taka but it will be given from your heart then but I will accept it friends  Today's video should be liked more and comment by writing nice but you will get money and you will get 45 minutes of video

You will have to see why brother how much time you have spent in your life who are students after watching your life you will not waste any time if you spend these 45 minutes in today's video what will happen if you spend it but you will become the owner of a good amount of money you can support  Or you can take great pains to join and watch today's video without dragging you

Ok then what to do if you don't pay attention then how do you earn money then your friend's money medium day from which medium you will get fifty thousand rupees for free that one brother got the money tell everyone because your friends today's video in your video I will show you such important things  From where you will get 15 thousand rupees through cash app, I am telling you again and again

Today's Forest What should you do No matter where you go to school, none of your friends will ask you how are you, how are you, where did you go?  If you watch today's video carefully, you need to bring more success

You will get 55 thousand free bonus through cash app and you can withdraw your money through bkash cash rocket no money required to account only spend time in today's video 45 minutes 45 minutes only if you spend time but you will get this money today  For that you have to first search here but first you have to install this

Look I have to install it almost look then I will type my cash account pin number here then friends after giving the cash account pin number see such enterprise will come after coming then see my cash here I will click see here it says in cash really but you will get 1000  Cash Cash See Advertised See What Advertised Shows You In Cash You Will Get Recharge

1000 taka cash back click on my cash then see profit want to click here then friends click here you will do yes or no then what will happen your account will become islamic account if you want to profit then friends see here is my city  Where you click again click change here

Get the account click here click here you can change your pin number click here with the number click here Islamic account means I don't want to get profit because it is completely haram but I don't want to get profit see here it says you I  But the luck in mind is very good click

Here is the input box click here click here click here then you connect here then see it is written ferry you will get fifty thousand taka bonus for that you have to earn

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