online taka income 2023 govt anudan 2023 online income

online taka income 2023 govt anudan 2023 online income

online taka income 2023 govt anudan 2023 online income

If you have a cash account in your mobile you will also get a swimming bonus I got my money I got the money just three minutes ago then look surprised I will open the message now I haven't opened the message yet I got the money then I am doing a video how much 1744 I got only and who is the reference  Cash is written see it says 29th

I have 53 thousand taka in my account, but I also got a thousand taka for swimming, so friends, I showed you a proof that I got money. I will show you all of you who are students, unemployed.  Clicked on the video I request everyone to watch today's video carefully

From where you can earn thousands of rupees daily by doing part time job online and you will get from the account that's why friends in today's video you have to like comment and subscribe red color from video news and click on the bell icon next to it then friends in today's video I am  I will give you such medium or such from where you can cash app from online and if you don't get money then tell me if you don't get money

I will give you the money myself, so what will you do, I will send the money and when you get 17,000 taka, those seven, friends, I will tell you my contact number first, that means contact for any problem, then the number number, if you want to get today's money, you have to be very patient.  Along with today's video you will have to listen to the words who am I talking to you but many may say brother you are talking too much

But I don't want to say anything without someone else, that's why he has to listen to the words. But you can earn money. There are many sisters who want to earn money by sitting at home and doing part-time jobs. But you all can earn money from online. You are working in different factories in the factory. Seven thousand taka.  And total you will get 17 thousand rupees which money you have in your cash account

You can withdraw by going to the store, you can cash out from your number and you can withdraw money in your pocket, so friends, the things you have to click on, but first of the vote, I said that I will guide you through two tasks today, so the first task I will guide you here  You can earn thousands of rupees from means you can employ thousands of people under you.

Why do you slave to others you don't have to do any work you control your account and the audience means your students who will be your students you students will join your work and they will work first you have to click on today's video title what will happen  See these apps you have to buy are here you can control you can withdraw your money from Mr. Ayo network

In any way you can get money through any bank account, here is Bikash cash system, you can contact me, say brother, I need my app, send me your money, then I will give you high quality, but you can earn money, but you, my friends.  Of course but join the Telegram group and all of you clicked you will get thousands of people working under you

You don't have to do any work. You sit at home and use the internet. It means that you only control it. By controlling it, you will get everyone to work.  If you do, you will get a YouTube account link. Yes, this developer brother uploads high quality videos

How do you earn money from the app? How do you control your people? When you create an app, you can do it from here. Subscribe the account. How can you get 17 thousand rupees from the city like me? In that case, friends, you have to watch today's video.  If there is any mistake, then the younger brother thinks that he will forgive me, but actually I am making the video and I can earn money

The money with which you can remove the unemployment cost of your education any expenses you can pay yourself ok 17 thousand taka you will get today with this money you can do a lot of good things in your life friends see what I wanted to show you what you should do first  Check out the website of cash today. Cash is the only one in Bangladesh. If you understand it, it means the government

It won't work on any two numbers here it will pay 100% see if it's cash if it's cash if it's 1000 taka cash friends see here they are doing great operation just by looking at these offers but I mean on the cash website I mean the verdict one day I'll wait here see friends here ten thousand taka  The issue of the offer is that you will get a bonus of Rs.

Look at your favorite actor, what is he saying here, but did he advertise that 1000 rupees will actually come in cash, Mr. Prime Minister's pick is given, but it is government company cash, look at the digital happy opening of the postal department, here you are here, cash, Islamic trust of millions of people, cash for three years.  To read the book our country bangladesh here you have to click on this menu icon menu icon or square down

Look here, there is Persen cashback war discount for any event, there are many events in our country, if you go to those events, if you pay in cash from the app, you will get good amount and money, you will get cashback.  If you pay in cash then you will get a good amount of discount

Alhamdulillah and if you don't have a cash account, what can you do to create a simple account? You can make an account from cashweb or go to your phone's dial pad, dial star one six seven and save a pin number. You can create an account. Your energy card information is given here.  It will take means to scan there are two numbers. See if you can give the pin number. You can open a cash account with the number

BANGLADESH Here you can do your DPS click on the menu icon view from here you have to click on Bangla Bangla then you can see all you can read in Bangla which will be convenient for you then I will click on lap about us click on all offers in cash  I will click on all the offers here, if you want, you can earn money by referring here

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