online taka income 2023 govt money 2023

online taka Income 2023 govt money 2023

Assalamualaikum student life money income many student students brothers and sisters are there brother is there any such medium or such application and can take payment through cash through development then today I will share such an application you will work in short time means if you work along with your studies but  You are tele but you can earn nine dollars

I will open the calculator then here I will give and here I will give 90 then you but and if you can do good then I will tell you that's why please like request to everyone please play the video open it then give a good comment nice  Write a comment and then open Swami, then you will open it, then you will connect to the UK or US counter.

How to connect from here you will exit then after exit you will login with you then account then this form refer code refer code application you will account interface will come then read what is written here then you ok  Click from then you will be taken to YouTube where you can earn

See setting one click here you will click on game then when you click on game then click like this you have to do only 8 times like this you have to earn then you have to spend only eight click here then you have to click here only one click ok  So then click climb when you click eight then from here you just have to do nine seconds then you'll do class then come back

After coming back it will be here when you map eight number but you will click then come back but after coming here it is here from here you will silet your telegram or join the group then you will definitely join the group but then you will turn off the application again  If you do the environment then you will be adopan you will do the class then this is your referral code if you can refer someone

Then you will become a member of our family and like by clicking on like button then here is notification icon click here then what is written here you have to follow this rule then come back but when you click here here is bitcoin research then there is  Your Bikash Nagar is ten thousand points, many people may think that you can work for one hour with your mind, but then you can earn

If you click on this video title then you will get appling by clicking on the link you install the application then you open the application open the application then here you need to create account done fill here name then email then password then click confirm password  . Give the password through which mail you will give the account

After giving click on silent button then here it tells you to connect vpn you open play store again then search turbo bpl open bpn then from here click on connect button connect bpn once vpn is connected then you open the application again but you  Must connect BN OK then open the application

Then from here you have to earn I will first show you how to develop your wallet you will click on wallet then add will see one then click on close button then here is paypal paytm free fire diamond here click on cash then here is your account number here is your  Give the account number then give the amount then click on urdu but the money will go to your number now i will show you how to earn

del setting click here then you will get bonus then here is invite and rn click here then from here you share your refer code here share your refer code through different channels then you can earn from there again but see the ad  Then click on callers button

Then from here you have to complete only 15 spans click here then you can click then you can complete only 15 spans you will come back you will click here then you will see one more then click on close button then here will give you the answer  You will put in this empty cell then click on submit then click again but you will see one

Then you will click on the callers button and then you will have to do 15 maths then you can do maths again but after 15 seconds you will be able to do maths then you will come to beke after beke you will see here you will click click then from here you will see only 15 and you will see you click  Click to do

Then you but again after 15 seconds you can click this way you have to earn and you can deposit your income money in cash in paypal then see you next time you all will be fine thank you

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