home loan online income 2023 insurance

home loan online income 2023 insurance

home loan online income 2023 insurance

By creating an account you develop your cash then you will get bonus of 600 taka through any medium so see I got money only 9 minutes amount taka 600 fast written I got money nine minutes ago so friends since you clicked on today's video it means you are today  Want 600 taka how about I will share you some medium or such from where you can create free account and get 600 taka bonus

In this case, you have to like today's video. Well, today's video must be watched carefully. After knowing that you will do these tasks today, then you will get a bonus of 600 rupees. Then you will work. Click on the document. If you click on it, you will see the web  After entering the site, you can download it from the Google Play or App Store, and the best option is to click on Alpana.

Direct play store will take you into the app then from this application you will download and you will open it you will beautify you properly in the right way you account friends how to create account you will need to see you well then I will enter the app here before that  I'm going to remove all the apps that Buck has, OK, I'm in the app, here's what's important, here you click.

Here is what you need to follow, friends, you need to type your invite code from here, then what happens, friends, first you need to write lowercase X, then D97, then TAB.  After typing, you will see above, enter the password, then below you will enter the same password again, after giving it, you will click on submit.

Friends, your account will be created and you will have to message you with this lover. You will have to leave it here. You will have to say. Look here. You may be seeing black. In this case, I will clear the matter and show you something like this.  After coming, you will type these texts in your notepad.

Those texts will be numbered from here, what you wrote, what was written in number three, you will see what was written in the third number, after reading, you will just click on the texts same to same, after giving the texts, then you have to click on the next button, click on it, the account will be created.  After the account is created, from here you click on this icon.  Click here

Friends check from here successfully then see you after coming see here you have to wait for 24 hours if you wait for 24 hours you will get a bonus of Rs.  There is this icon, you will take it here, see the verification, you will give it here, if you refer five people, you will get a bonus of two and a half hundred rupees.

So friends, then you will see that you can buy, besides, you sell, you click on your money, you develop cash, whoever the dollar comes to you, sell, he will give you an address, copy the address and type it here, that means you will submit  After that you will give how many dollars you will send him from here after you first type the address and click on this max.

Bikash cash rocket will send your money by any means and if there is any problem tell me click check your account from here but it will be ok guys but you all clear the account then from here you will get 50 taka per refer and click then bust here but  It will be added like fifty rupees and then it will be added like 600 rupees

You can sell to us or you can sell to anyone of your choice and receive your money through Bikash cash. If you want to sell to me, then the number is all the numbers. If you want to make dollars, you can contact this number. Friends, today at  Until you all stay well

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