online taka income 2023 best earning tricks 2023 govt anudan 2023

online taka income 2023 best earning tricks 2023 govt anudan 2023

online taka income 2023 best earning tricks 2023 govt anudan 2023

Assalamu Alaikum friends in this video today I will share complete real income application from here you will get 100 percent payment and you can receive payment in one second through your development and I will show you today with payment proof then you can contact me I am admin  I will take your payment and you will like it

And comment by writing nice and you can see the video news. SUBSCRIBE is written in red color. First of all, you open playstore of your phone, then you search here by writing that ASH CAR and search. You click on email. Click here.  Password then the same password video but you all will watch the complete video then you can watch then click on the submit button you will login with your email and password

So I will fill this form then here I will give my password here then it will come here you have to say you got 10 rupees bonus see when you make account ok when you make account you will get 10 rupees bonus see it is written here for that you have to do  Open play store again then click here then install then click open button from here you will change country

Then when you click on this connect button it will become yours. You will open the application again. You will notice that my balance is 10 taka.  To view these here you first have to earn from here I will click on refer icon first remember bonus and 10% referral commission

If your referral doesn't work you won't get paid. You create this team to earn more. You will get two rupees from here.  come here then after coming back you can see click here but you will see full then see here I have got some money then click here


Then see here I have got some money then click on this color it will be OK then you will click again then you will open here again in front of you again then here you will again click on Spain then you will open Spain again in front of you  Then the ad will be opened again in front of you then you will click on this collect button again like this you can earn a lot of money from here.

You can do as you wish from above here then it will take you to youtube or any website you have to watch the video then you can earn good amount of money you can earn you need to wait for some time then you can earn from these numbers  You give the answer here you can earn and click here button so now I will show you how

From here you will receive the payment through your development ok for that you click on above then you can see here click here then see here you can receive your payment and see here it says within 24 hours they will receive your payment ok you  If you see this interface in Bkash, see My account does not have enough money to request payment

You need to earn more money my balance is low but to receive payment through bkash my balance needs to be 100 bucks then I click on bkash and pay 100% I can say with 100% guarantee if you don't earn from this app  can

Then tell me I will receive your payment as an admin. If you like the video, please like the video and play it next time for next viewing and those who have subscribed.

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