Earn 12 thousand taka per month from home online taka income best income online

Earn 12 thousand taka per month from home online taka income best income online

Earn 12 thousand taka per month from home online taka income best income online

ok guys i just got payment of 1000 tk in my bkash account so see i will show you the proof so you who want to earn money through ludu game then you all can earn 1000 tk daily from here and withdraw your money through bkash watch the video carefully  Please like and comment and share the video

I will now open the message then see the proof you have received 1000 taka but the game is written then today's date and time is said all who will see but all of you through ludu game but here you earn 1000 taka daily see rocket account cash account sell friend  dutch bangla bank through india now if i open play store app here if i search ludo text then see u can earn through many ludo games

I can't tell if it's correct but in today's video I will share such a secret of ludu game who will get the software but if you get any ludu game with your friend if you spend time if you are his pasapa earn 1000 taka per day you are unemployed  I think you can remove it and also do any work besides your studies

The first thing you need to do is click on today's video title and video description you will get the link of today's Lodo game from here once your download is done you will install it by clicking on the install button then friends once this is national you need to enter the app now I will tell you  I will show you the rest of the work properly. In this case, if you all watch today's video carefully, then I will install it

Friends then from here you have to click here click on this national button and you will be done you have to complete this form now if you want to earn money through ludu game properly then you can earn money by getting matches through all apu software  You can see, after coming to Dhaka, now I have to enter the app, in this case I will click on this app, but after entering the app, you have to create your account correctly.

If you want to create an account, you will get a form to create an account, you will get a form through which you can complete it from the account. See, friends, you can earn money. It is possible to create an account and see the final, but it is done. Then give the email address.  There will be no problem then give a pin number but give the number again I will type the number properly

Guys today's video will be completed then watch after the account is completed I have to click here not to log in I will not click your login see guys this is going on for the occasion of BPL huge offers are going on I will see these are dropped now here are many things that you need to follow now  If you want to join all these matches, see all these messages join, then you have to click, if you win, you will get 100 taka

If you win 85 taka, you will get 150 taka. Now I will show you the rest later. You have to click here how to open Ludu King app and open the game.  So friends see after sending the money I will do the transaction after getting added I will clear the rest and show you how you can earn money through ludu game

Ok guys look I have joined this match but I have only 96 rupees in my account I have joined I will get a code number through this code number I need to enter ludo king app and join which you will know after 5 minutes fail  Match Start OK I can join in a short time OK fine open I will show you important things you search people

You download and install ludoking and you update from here friends I am now entered in ludoking app now to join in mess 05 and 20 then 355 after giving here then you all can earn but how to do all things A to Z  In today's video I will do it, friends, but now I will join like this May, if you join him, you all can earn.

And I will complete this match you all but ludu king can earn money through this app see soon but the match will start game star final but the match is started I will complete ok guys see I won through ludu game  I am done but you have to submit it in the app then the money will be added to this balance welcome back guys after I win I enter the app

I will click on upload screenshot and click on upload from here I will give my room ID here I will give 05 automatic romantic then I will click here before uploading I will have to wait your balance winner money will be added After coming to Dhaka I will have to wait a little  My winnings will be added to this balance within the time I click this

I will show you with you that 200 taka has been added, I will click for that, I will open the SMS, and then I will show you the proof, so friends, today's video is up to now, all of you will be fine, Allah Hafez.

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