govt money 2023 tech Money donation in Bangladesh 2023

govt money 2023 tech Money donation in Bangladesh 2023

govt money 2023 tech Money donation in Bangladesh 2023

Hello everyone, Assalamu Alaikum, many people told me in this summer, brother, I am newly married, brother, in summer, there is no fan at home, so now I am sitting on the bank of the pond, now I am sitting on the bank of the pond.

How much will you all get from here after watching today's video. You can earn 3000 taka per day from here and from here your money is developed by Bkash Cash Rocket and then you can make video through any means. Current in my account whenever you see it, I will write here 7 dollars and then I will click next. I will do it if I click next

You can do the minimum here, then you have to type your cash number here. Guys, after typing your number, you will see the number here, actually the number is correct, it is pending.

Friends it is currently written in the final you need to pay money in the air so now if you can play a video if you can earn by watching a video then how is the matter but the matter is very good then after watching this video today you can make your money in any way But you can withdraw your money through any means

Here you can earn 500 rupees for every video and 5000 rupees for just ten bets and after watching today's video you can earn by watching videos from here the company will give you money for all the videos you play I will open Bikash message Then see I have received the payment

By opening the message in Bikash account, I will show you the proof live. See how 7000 Tk is today's date and time. All those who are not married yet, but after watching today's video, they can earn Tk 7000 and get married. Like the comment and your valuable opinion will be called

And share the video in different groups on facebook messenger imo so all friends but after watching this video today you can earn money cash rocket phonepay any way you can wait and pay you immediately no one will ever worry about money ok But everyone will be paid

And your money will be with you in 15 seconds but you will not get money. After entering the playstore app, you still have to search on it. After searching and installing, you click on the open button from here, then you have to open it from the application first.

You don't have to create any account here, you just enter the app, it will ask you to join the Telegram group, you click on the account, you will get a bonus of 1513 rupees, there is a bank icon, click on the bank icon, you will get the bonus through any means.

Then friends here is Spain RN I will click here then from here you have to earn by Spain for that I will click without coming up Spain wait for 15 seconds then you can earn in today's video I will show you how to earn through video in this case click on this watch video

In your life, like YouTube, Facebook, YouTube, click on many videos, play videos, watch, please wait, you have to wait, then any video that will be played in front of you, you will watch that video. you will get

Through all these games but your money will be income then everyone can earn through games here are many games you will get then friends are here number game number click question mark and 93 episode 15 seconds if this and this number match then but The number you select will be earned

If this number matches with this number, then you will get income. If the number is not able to earn, you have to match and earn. Then click on the lucky box. If you click on the lucky box, click here. Click on the box here. Wait, but how much money is in your box? How many dollars or coins are there?

You will get work but you will be able to earn that's why you will work like this with your fingers then you will be able to earn your money friends all but you will get penan then never worry my account is currently 1500 and like 24 taka ok you are bonus Get about 10%

You can refer your friend by clicking coffee or click not refer, your Facebook then messenger email, then how much money you have will show, I will click on this window now, see paypal pay here, then there is paytm, phone pay, google page to withdraw via any means. can

I will click on the prior but you can do it guys pay 100% to everyone I won't make the video too big so today's video will be seen till now with any other video then everyone will be fine Take care by Allahafez

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