Money donation in Bangladesh 2023 govt money anudan

Money donation in Bangladesh 2023 govt money anudan

Money donation in Bangladesh 2023 govt money anudan

How much will you all get from here after watching today's video 3000 taka daily you can earn from here you don't have to do any kind of work you can window through any medium ok so what should I do now by clicking on the menu icon from the top

Cash available from here I will look at Navadwip from here I will write 7 dollars and I will click next you can do it then you have to type your cash number here guys after typing your number you will compare the number here and see if the number is correct Pending successful is in between

Now I will click on the menu icon and get out from here I will click on history then see friends the present is written I will show the proof that actually they are hundet percent love everyone why ok guys look I just received the payment now I will open the message then see here just name is written Four mining works

The name of today's company and the amount of money is written here. I got my own money. When I said the song, there are many of you who have heard the song. I will tell everyone. You all should give me 15 on my cash number. Then make it more beautiful in the next video. Look at him singing

Now the video that I am doing will need your time and you will have to do the work with the door, but from here you can do something good. Now I have shown you the proof of the money that I have received.

And I will show you the rest of the work, so I will show you by clicking on this logout. To make an account, if you click on today's pen comment or video title, you will get the website link. Click on the link and click on the register button.

Then the second part, then give the number here, click on the register button, if your account is completely successful, it can be completed, then there are friends. If you can refer someone then for every refer you will get good from here but you will get commission and you all can refer him and earn from here.

So see who you will refer from here you have to click on John there are about 75 members currently in the group so you must join the group if you want to earn from here today and see the referral commission the dollar price is 100 taka and the minimum is only 3 dollars in the morning 11 am to 11 pm

So all the things but you will get in the group then I will enter the website now after entering the website I will show you the important things in this case I will click on the icon from here click on the menu icon then look here I got the icon click on invest

But you will get your seven percent commission if you want to get your nine percent commission then you have to invest from 100 you will get 0.5 percent you have to invest hundred dollar see the plan and you will do the work according to this rule but from here you can earn

So friends see as friends I am going to invest live today from here and show you what I will do in this case I will click on menu icon then from here I will click on deposit icon cash available label I will click on get cash I will give the amount then I will click next copy the number See how I enter my cash account

I entered cash app by entering my pin number then click on send money option and type the number after typing the number I click on air icon then next I mean the user code number is there I will write the code number here after entering pen number in the next icon by clicking

Tap here I will hold then see my friends but today the investment is done live now I will copy the transaction number I will enter the site to copy the number Successfully completed now but pending in a short time but the dollar will be added to the account

Now after coming from here, look in the balance but the dollar has been added, now I will click on the menu icon, then there is 5%, then there is seven people, I will click here, then the dollar amount will be given, after giving the pig dollar, I will click here, then see.

Successful you will only wait for you after some time but I will give you one here ok you will be given seven percent here you will not have to do any work you will only refer and from here you will buy the package and leave it.

Then the income will be out history then mom's offer or you refer sister will come click on your referral how many members are currently here and how much income you have shown here then from here see friends are here profile settings here you can update the profile

So now I will show you in this case I will click but whenever I click out then see from here friends bkash cash available you can do it through any medium but you can do it from here but you can earn money through the website all but sitting at home

Ok and if they don't pay you then tell me then I myself will tell the company to submit you then today's video till now guys you all will be fine take care bro Allah Hafeez

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