Bangladeshi new earning per day 1000 BDT Income govt money anudan

Bangladeshi new earning per day 1000 BDT Income govt money anudan

Bangladeshi new earning per day 1000 BDT Income govt money anudan

 Alaikum friends how are you all hope you all are very very well see here it says per hour means in one hour you can earn 1000 taka

 If your age is between 20 to 30 then it is very important to earn your money during this time.

 So this time you have to earn more and more money. Here you can't earn any kind of income in a completely halal way. You can earn halal money in the video.

 All of you will see today's comment. I want to earn. You will share with your friends so that together we can earn money. We all can earn money together.

 And can eliminate unemployment then you are old you know how important your age is now if you can earn money now I will be with you understand if you have to earn money

 Today you will need to watch the whole video carefully but you will not be able to earn money in your life.

 ok and no payment i will give you my own ok this but i guarantee and told you so if you are sitting at home through mobile free money income you will open prayer and search aam

 You will enter by searching SUPER SUPER BPN OK and open it you have to connect then dear friends as in today's video you will open it and I will show today's live payment proof.

 Ok that's why you play carefully by opening your you have to create a good account here properly here please say here

 You have to connect Deepan you have to change now for that I will open B PAN now then I will change B Bank otherwise I can't work on this app today and disconnected

 Again open me VIPEN from here and open it and open it from the application. Open it. It is opened. Now you have to create an account. Dear friends, open it now.

 You have to follow the things you need to open the application and you have to create an account, click on the sign up button, then I will copy the email address, pin number, pin number, im app.

 Then you must remember the PIN number.  So make the pin number beautiful after the account is created you need to type your email address pin number and click on the login button so dear friends check today after the account is created

 There is only zero dollars in the account ok now you see then but you can earn money then but you 50 dollars but you get free bonus which is worth about 5000 rupees but you can't withdraw

 So how do you find out, I will discuss this matter a little later, then see here, click here, then in this way, you will do the math after the process seconds, you will complete only 13 levels.

 But if you can earn then dear friends will say you do Spain you can earn money you will click one tomorrow you can make love and earn money click on the video

 So then it will be added, you will do class, collase, you will click one tomorrow, click OK, you will have to earn, then you will click here, and you will be able to earn by clicking on your referrals.

 Then you will see after coming back click on telegram you will go and you have to do important things see after telegram comes now I will show you this application is actually paying

 If you want to see the value, then you need to come to the Telegram group. After coming to the Telegram group, see how much evidence you want to see. If I click here, then see here.

 Here means you come to telegram group but you will go through numerous proof process to earn ok then click icon then rocket paypal coin base free fire diamond see here

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 After writing, see if you want to search, you need to have a minimum of 10 taka in your account, if you want to withdraw cash, you need to have 30 taka in your account, select one, not cash.

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 But I have selected cash and then you don't have to worry about payment here 100% but you have to worry about payment.

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