Govt Money Anudan Govt Free Internet shakib income app

Govt Money Anudan Govt Free Internet shakib income app

Govt Money Anudan Govt Free Internet shakib income app

Assalamu alaikum friends how are you all I hope you all are doing very well since you can earn 5 to 20000 rupees every month.

 So first I will show you the proof, I will show you the proof that I have received my money, I will open the message for that, then see today's date 2.

 I have shown you proof dear friends since you have clicked on today's video it means you want to earn money from online world through your mobile then I will not know that you are working and you will not get money.

 If you want to get money, you have to like today's video. I want to work. I earn 20,000 rupees. Bikash cash. But you can withdraw it. You don't need any money to work here. You create an account for free. You are free.  Hours work and one hour works

 Besides your studies or your work you work here through cash account and if you don't get money if you don't get your money then tell me I will arrange to pay you myself so share you today to your friend on messenger facebook

 Which group can be shared and seen and you can earn but if you want to earn money without pulling your attention today's video will show you how much time you have spent in your life with the smart phone or touch phone you have now.

 But you bought this phone spending a lot of money but have you ever been able to earn money through this phone you clicked means you earn money if you watch the video well I hope you earn money you have to work like me but  You will get money then you will download from the app first

 So click on the video title, you will get your link, then click on the link and download your sign up button, then click on the button and after giving your right name, then type the email address here with which you will create the account.  So I will copy Gmail

 Then type the pin number here then never tell the pin number to anyone it is your personal pin number but I have account but you have to wait but you can account correctly in today's app

 If you trust me then inshallah you will be able to earn money by watching today's video, but I will not do number two here, but you will get all the money and I, but now the video is mine but the account is complete, what do you have to do and I am today's  The application that I am sharing is super

 It is top level, you have to download it and click on it to connect. If you want to connect, then friends click on the connect button, then click on the connect button and you will connect to the B Pan, but I will connect and show you how to do it.  I will discuss all the issues

 That's why you have to pay attention and spend your time. You need to watch the video. But you can do something good. If you think I want to earn money, then today's video is only for you. But you all can watch today.

 You can earn money from the online world you can connect vpn connect you enter the app first it says see spinner click here then dear friends it says two four six eight you can earn money if you can earn as much money as you do you will multiply

 Then you will be able to withdraw your money then you will be able to see if you click on it then you have your hand your left hand and pull it then the income will be 15 rupees you can earn then you will see whether there are balls or balls here you have to click see it is written  Zero and I will click on this saying earned

 Then you have to click on this empty ball. By clicking on this, you have to earn money by doing this. It is very simple.  I will enter again in

 So see here but there are many jobs through these but you can see but you can earn 100% so see here again it is said that you have to follow the thing again but I have done the app how you will do I will discuss all the things see the environment in the app  by doing

 Here is waz video you can click on the video and it says free coins you can earn by converting your account and you can withdraw it then you enter here and you type this little code I said I will earn only 500 taka  Check it out in 15 seconds

 This code you will get bonus 500 taka for that you have to click on submit button but you will get about two thousand coins bonus click on the icon click on the top right side whenever you do see the paper then see then the cash will develop and writing and you all  But don't worry if you get paid

 Until today you all will be fine. Thank you all. Download and open. Search here for your BF&K. Download, click on open and connect to BNK.  Paying attention to you

 If your time is spent then you need to watch the video but you can't do anything good then but you all watch today's video you can earn money from Handet Percent online world then my network problem connect vpn you enter the app first it is written see spain and  Click here

 So, dear friends, it is written that you can get it through any medium, so today's video should be watched carefully and those who have forgotten to like the video till now, please like and comment, brother, I want to work, so you all will watch the comment.

 I want to earn and like but everyone will do and do the video then dear friends first I found who you search you download you open then of course you have to open OK open you or US country select brief and connect

 For that you click here then you click on connect button see here is the email id when your email id you see here you enter by doing this you have to enter your email id you but the email id enter is like 200 taka  You will get bonus

 You will be given a bonus of 200 rupees for promotion, then if you know that you will not see it, but you will not receive your payment, then first you click on Bikash and type your number.  Then click on Inter Amount Amount and enter the amount

 amount and see you are minimum but if you are 100 rupees then you can do it then click on window icon but whenever you click you will get your money within 1 to 2 minutes and if you don't get money within 1 to 2 minutes then this number you  You can contact

 This is my imo number ok but you can never make direct call account on imo after that you can sms me then but you will get solution of any problem ok everyone you all will be fine then see you next arcan all work assalamualaikum

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