Earn 30 thousand taka per month by working part time job

Earn 30 thousand taka per month by working part time job

Along with education you can earn by doing part time job maybe you are studying or you are working in any organization then you are earning 1000 rupees or you are working if you want to do part time job but you will work only one hour from here

 Then you can earn 1000 rupees and work only seven hours then you can earn 7000 rupees and withdraw your money by any means personal development cash rocket you need to pay attention then you can't earn but you can never earn money  No, how do you guys work?

 How do you do it? I will show you all the things. Click here to warn you. There are many wonderful businesses in our name. Now many businesses have come out in our name. But there are many telegrams.

 But be careful you have to create an account first name last name mobile number user name password same password click on I Every and click on register button with permission see it is complete now I will show you about all the work when done see it is written 100 taka free but you  You get bonus for free

 So you see friends you have to join UTU Telegram group you have to join Fataft then come to your Telegram group click on join it will come here you can join you can download then see VIP is on 1000 taka final you can click and earn 300 taka

 You can earn only 100 rupees, you can do only 10 jobs then see here but all the details but it says how much amount and how much money you can relax here but it is written click on the profile icon and see what I will show from here I will scott down see it is  If you want to copy your referral link to this coffee, you can earn unlimited income by referring.

 After coming to home, from here you have to click on the research icon, click here, I will type 3000 rupees, then I will click on confirm, click on confirm, and see if you copy this number here, copy this number and send money to this number.  If you send the money, you will get your money in your account after sending the money

 Ok from here minimum you can inbox 1000 taka then friends will send money by clicking on a payment screenshot you submit photo here and type the number from which you will send money here and click from penal then call someone to earn income through this side  Ok guys, I sent the money to the final and then submitted the screenshot here

 Then I will click on Penalta and the number you give here.  I am complete in two minutes now but see friends now 3100 taka is coming to the account now I have got that 100 taka bonus and with three thousand taka but now I will activate the package so now I will click on this plan now I will click on this plan icon I will click on the two number package

 I'm just on the phone now, but it was added, what should I do now?  If you click on this war then I will click on work then see here but there is work I will complete these works ok then you will complete these works but there will be loading as many works as there are here then you will be given the answer here you will place it here and click confirm

 One task will be loading then you will be loading then here you will answer then click on this conference after giving the loading see this way you will do loading then here you will give you number here if you give ok number but you will give you as many tasks as you can earn from here  You have to complete the tasks by clicking on confirm

 OK, you will get as many jobs as you like, but you have work here, I will click here to see the loading will be in life, but you can not earn money, so if you want to get money, there are many people who do not watch the video carefully, but they can not earn in life, so see my work, but it is almost complete.  And there are only 4 things to do in Bak, I will show you

 There are only two tasks so watch the video carefully and click on the comment and there is only one task. If you do this, I can earn 300 taka. I am earning 300 taka by doing a little work. The bigger thing is that I will withdraw money live. Click for that.  I will click here to see how many people you have referred.

 Bikash Cash Bikash Number after coming to the phone I will type my Bikash number here the number I will withdraw money then see after giving the number I click here I click this confirm before you need to note one thing windows search only 4500 taka ok your search  305 taka but I will get it, it is possible to earn from online but then I will get the payment

 I will show you the proof live if you work live but you can do good things online.  It is possible to earn from real online but the main reason you can't earn is because you don't watch the videos properly I got money a minute ago How many proofs can you see on handet then everyone will work but everyone will work with attention



 And if you ever call direct for any problem, when you have a conscience, a human being may have some work to do, it is better not to bother me, but if you sms me on whatsapp, I will help you inshallah.

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