Earn 1000 Taka daily from home and get instant payment

Earn 1000 Taka daily from home and get instant payment

Earn 1000 Taka daily from home and get instant payment

Assalamualaikum if you have this application called cash in your mobile then you can swim and thousand taka free of charge in your cash account through cash app I know many people will say that today's video is completely fake video so I want you to watch it completely but you will know how you actually  I will open my message to show proof of cash app

 You all can earn 17 thousand taka through cash app so friends you all like today's video comment and share the video to your friends and I request you to get 17 thousand taka bonus from cash account so I hold hands to all of you  I would like to request that since I have worked so hard to find out the offer, then see the restaurant amount, how many thousands of rupees, see the cash company, but I will put you first.

 If you don't watch today's full meeting then if you don't get the next money later but you can't tell me if you don't get the money I will help them completely but those who watch the video no oh mama no money now where can I get the current market situation so I need your money for that you are in school  go you need money to go to college you need money to take your girlfriend to travel

 If you have then no one will give you any value then your own parents brothers and sisters but no one will give you value then friends that's why I will tell you today's video as a younger brother or elder brother to watch carefully because  See, you can actually earn from online, but I have made many videos and the company will give you

 How much 17 thousand taka bonus so friends please keep it I believe it from my heart I will tell you what I will say now you will be successful you will earn money from the company Who should download carefully watch today's video watch download watch come to me with my number  You will try to destroy the account but there is no use brother, there is no use because you understand that you will not get any use

 Now I will tell you how to log in and find out where your mind is right now. Maybe you are in front of the television. I know many people are in tea shops now. How will you get money if you don't watch the video? They say that you need to watch the video. You have to work. Like and comment. And on the other hand, money.  Then click on the Islamic account and it won't give you profit if you want

 Can you make your account an Islamic account?  It is said like many love people because by cashing out here I deposit money but I get many benefits see here it says bata means bata company is giving an offer every thursday saturday online with butter discount more 10% cash back will be running 100 tk offer 10 tk offer ok  Look here it is written 400 taka cash back so now you can't talk in the country

 I don't need to click here for all offers, but those who will watch today's video carefully, I believe from the bottom of my heart that they will be able to earn 17 thousand rupees.  It will be possible to give, see, look at the value, free of search, OK, see there are many offers, who does the account in Bangla, then after coming here

 If you forget your pin number you can restart from here you will not get money I will show you the things you don't need to earn if you see it is written open then click on menu iPhone I will click on cash out again from here I will show you these things  But you will get money gas out if you dial it you can cut a little more where I will click you will see see

 Here is a bank name Prime Bank Limited Here I will click whenever I click then see then see friends, your cash company but like this size to give you good good offer but because you don't watch the videos but you can't earn it then from here you  You have to click on this offer, you have to click on the offer, then you will get various offers, then you have to search here

 Here you will search mean here you will write like this you have to click friends for that click on menu icon click here see your limit in cash how much send money you can make daily how much you can cash out how much money you can add to balance  If you want to withdraw your money, look here, but there are various offers, you can convert, see what is written, click there and then look

 You have to read the things that are said here, you have to know, then they will give you the money, then contact the Zakat calculator, I will click here.  You will need to watch the video, download it and create an account through your NID card

 Friends you will get here any service you want from here I will take one more scott down so friends then see here what you mean I will show you but I can't find that meaning then see if it is not said here but you will not get your money things  If not I will show you but you will not get your money, will you copy this text, copy the text and search here, you will find such an enterprise in front of you.

 Ok friends after coming see what you have to do again from here you will SMS this number there is customer care number on that number you click about sms cash then check for the country you have to do online market location real company address but it is written and you click about google cash  Do it and then see if the country is written, but the money is cash company

Earn 1000 Taka daily from home and get instant payment

Earn 1000 Taka daily from home and get instant payment

 I will give you support, then see the locator, then see you, I will click on the cash service. It is written that everyone who works here will get 100% payment. I guarantee it.

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