online income 2023 online taka income 2023 govt money 2023

Online income 2023 Online Taka Income 2023 govt money 2023

Online income 2023 Online Taka Income 2023 govt money 2023

Hello Everyone Assalamu Alaikum Currently I have 2250 taka in my account from here I will now show proof of 1000 taka live so after watching today's video you can earn money online through your mobile in your unemployed life so friends I am now 1000 directly from here  I will show you

 Now I will show you 1000 rupees with live, because if you don't show proof, no one will want to work, friends, then look at what is written, Bikash click here, click here to see Bikash cash rocket, which way will you take it, click here, enter your number.  Add Bikash number and pay a minimum of 1000 taka

 Enter your money now with your amount and click on the request window. After entering the balancer money app, I will show you how much money is in the balance. How will you account, how will you work, how will you download the application?  Guys ok guys I just got covered

 Look at the evidence, but the money has been received from here. Yes, the president himself has received the money.  I will enter the app Premier Job This application is the prayer of the current market

 You need to join telegram first before you do this referral if you want to refer but you can earn income by referring here you give club play then here is vip fipe it says seven thousand taka in vip sex see how much here you have ten thousand taka  VIP there is one thousand taka then VIP there is two thousand three thousand you can see how many packages you accept and you can do it and

 How much is your referral and commission and how long will this offer last for you but it is said here to add money to the package click here Click on any one of the Bkash Cash people Click on the request window Click on the number from which you received the money before  You will type the sending number here and you need to add 1000 taka, then you will diet 1000 taka and copy this number.

 Click this copy on iPhone and copy the number and the number will be copied. Copy the number and send money to the number.  I will click here whenever you click then see friends I will show you I will click on the 2nd package and then click on the active plan

 But your package will be activated, your package will be accepted, friends, how to account, I will tell you this matter later, friends, then see, I support you, you have to join your telegram, you have as many updates as you need in the app, you can help in all matters.  How will you get the income, but then we will see, you can click on the iPhone and I will tell you now

 How do you create an account from here? To create an account, I will show you how to create an account by logging out. Since this is a real app, everyone can get 100. Now I have created an environment in the app like an app.

 By clicking on any pin number with another number, you have to login with the number you will account with.

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