Earn 30 thousand taka per month by doing part time job at home

Earn 30 thousand taka per month by doing part time job at home

Earn 30 thousand taka per month by doing part time job at home

Assalamu Alaikum I just received the money in my cash account, see the proof, now I will open the message, then see here the proof is written, that means the restaurant is such money 30000 taka, then see the proof, those who are middle class are poor, after watching today's video, you all but through mobile  You can earn money

 You don't need any money to work here, you can work for free and work your money through Bikash Cash Rocket, you need to watch this video carefully, but you can earn money through your mobile, so please be patient without dragging the video.  If you want to see but you can't earn you must pay attention to the door

 Today you will have to watch the whole video, like, comment and share the video with your friends, then you will earn money by working part time along with you. Many students call me.  If you all can earn money, friends, please do what you need to do

 If you click on today's video title, then you will get your link, but I will show you through the site. You have to click on the registration button. You have to create an account by clicking on it.  After giving, add any number after your username here

 Double it and you will enter again by clicking like this and then see here the verification code number is written here.  You will need to give the code number, then after giving the code number, click on login, then friends, click and see, this is your referral link, if you want, refer unlimited.

 Friends, please pay attention and watch the video. If you can earn money online, you will have to earn more money. But you will have value in the society. That's why you need to do more and more money from online.  You have to find good medium and your money will get love through your realy bikash cash but we make videos like comment

 Click on the plan, friends, then see, I will miss the first message. I will call. The first message is coming. You will not be able to earn. Then it will come. Number one package is only 300 taka. From here you can work only five times. Number two package is only 500 taka. Here you can only do eight daily.  You can work ok live time you can work life time then vip is 1000 taka in vip five 1200 taka then check like this you have to activate the packages

 I will click on SUBSCRIBE before that you have to click on the menu icon then click you will give the amount 500 taka after paying 500 taka you will click on confirm then friends the number is given to this number you will send money to this number by sending money to this number your transaction number and  After giving a screenshot you will click here but money will be credited to your account

 I will wait for one to two minutes then my balance will be added 500 taka I hope to get the money within one to two minutes maximum it is pending so I have not yet one minute so I will add one more minute but in your account  The money will be added, friends, but I will click on the dash board twice from here, but you will refer to it, then the money will be added in your balance, then see the final.

 But my balance has been added 500 taka what to do see here I will click then click it will be 100% you will wait after answering you can check from here after answering you will have to load the handet percentage then you will be given the number after giving  From here you answer by answering and you click so that your package tells you how many tasks I have but how many tasks I have.

 I will click on your plan, I will show you how many jobs are available.  See here, after giving your amount of money, you will click on confirm again and see that the money is taken out

 I was showing you the proof but I mean watch the next video then I will show you live but again how to withdraw your money in today's video I have shown the subject you all will be fine Allah Hafez Assalamu Alaikum so from here you have to get two roses like and comment  If you want to create an account, friends, if you click on the mail, your account will be created

 So see currently only zero dollars coming to my account so how can you earn money if you don't watch the video well then you will never get money and you won't be able to earn later if you tell me you don't get good money then it won't happen so please be patient  If you want to watch the video carefully, then you will click, you will click comfortably, then friends will click behind the scenes, then see what is written

 Then check online shopping from here you can earn money in many ways Fiber you click on fiber then click on fiber then from here you have to download the videos Look at Google Google by downloading you will get 17 rupees this way you can earn a lot of money if you want  You can earn any money, you can earn 500 to 1000 rupees, you can work

 They do but earn you more money so in any survey you click the video I request you to watch the program now click here this is your referral link if you want through your referral but you can earn only 10 dollars which is worth 1000  See money then friends from here you have to click on this menu icon again then you click on settings icon

 Click on the settings icon on the girls who created the account in that gmail but you will get the verification code number but you will verify it in gmail and then see if you can play the videos from here then you can earn money well you can login to your account  Do and how you can figure out then see how much income has been made

 Show how much is in the balance, then someone will verify your account. If you don't verify, you will not be able to withdraw the money. You will receive the video within 24 hours.  If you can do it, friends, until today, you will all be fine, God bless you

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