Get 2250 Taka for free without any work 100% guarantee taka income 2023

Get 2250 Taka for free without any work 100% guarantee

Get 2250 Taka for free without any work 100% guarantee taka income 2023

Hello friends assalamualaikum working on mobile you can earn 2250 taka daily from here and withdraw your money through any means Bikash cash rocket so friends since you have clicked on today's video it means you want to 

earn money from online there are many people pay attention definitely show you  will need But from online you can earn money through mobile and you can take payment through any medium. How do you discuss? Comment the video.  How do you account to get bonus like money?

So after logging out, I will give you to create an account, then to create an account, then enter the number 11, the number, then the email address, then the pen number, after giving the pin number, you will click on the China button.  When you click here then there is side name last name setting and district upazila after giving submit then your account will be like this see then your account but complete account you can login

You can earn money by referring here what I will do from here I will show you A to Z how to do it first of all you need to click on telegram share will prove 500 taka package VIP one 2 number 1000 taka VIP two  2000 taka VIP can work and daily you can earn 700 taka daily income if you invert 15 thousand taka

I will activate one number package with 550 taka. Now I will get up seriously and click OK. Friends, when you come, I will show you the work later. First, I will show you how to inbox here.  Can't from here you have to follow well who will copy this number give this number the computer number

You have sent the money, you will save the SMS and see that the transaction number is written. After giving it, click on verify and the money will be added to your account.  Now what do you have to do, how to withdraw your money, then I will rap you to complete it, then now you have to withdraw the money

You will click, friends, then click on Sylhet, then you can withdraw like money, you can withdraw it in money, then you will give your number, the number will wait for you, that's why today's video will not drag you, but you will have to watch it completely, but you can earn money by freelancing.  If you can do it then work then you can earn 4000 rupees but you can't earn your money

pin number then who will give the pin number here then you will invite here then click read all the topics see you read well see all the topics from A to Z then see here but all the topics are mentioned then see it is written customer service link is given click  I will click on OK and the current is in my account. This is your return income from here but you can earn for free

400 dollars vip pay three your 100 dollars vip 350 dollars see vip five then eight nine like that there are many labels i will now click on the menu icon click here click on your team so how many members are in your love show here ok guys then watch from here  You need to click this icon here click here then view

How many tasks you have completed you can join it is customer service here you will join then click here see from here you have to complete your tasks so first I will show you how to search then you click on recharge icon see how many points you will get from here  But in a short time

But the dollar will be added to your account, you will have to watch the video carefully, then watch, I will activate the package by scoring down, so I will click on Now, then click on order here, click on order, then watch, watch the video carefully, my order is complete.  Then you have to complete the next order

You have to complete then friends do this you have to complete the orders see how many orders there are complete order and see complete then here then see customer service here you must join then notification icon click here click here friends then see your money you  If you withdraw it, refer it, friends, it is said that you should follow this matter well, how you will withdraw your money

Open it and enter here, then you need to give the address here, then friends, you will press the address here, then see me, but after coming to the job, you need to set the pin number, for that, I will login to my account from here.  I will click after giving the address here your pin number click the pin number then I will click then give zero after giving

Here it is yours, what should I do now, my friends, after giving the pin number, click on it, see if you will pay, then you will be fine. Allah Hafez.

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