govt anudan 2023 online taka income online income govt money anudan

govt anudan 2023 online taka income online income govt money anudan

govt anudan 2023 online taka income online income govt money anudan

Earn money online by completing levels.  Then see how many levels you have from here you have to complete these labels the more you depend on the notification but to earn your money friends today you have to say something very important in your life from here you aim to play the game every month about 15 thousand development  But you earn money

How can you earn your bkash cash then you will earn a lot of money you can cross 100 labels in 1 hour you can earn a lot of money and how many games you have played in your life you have to pay then you can earn money but tell me how much money you earn  You may not be able to but after watching today's video you will be able to figure it out immediately

Earn Money Through Ludo Game Android App Download Click Menu iPhone Click Download Click Download Install From Here Click Register Button Friends Click China Button Then Give Your Side Name Here Click Here Take Your Side Then Lash  Give your name here and click on the last name and then give your number. Can you create an account with any of your numbers here?

So friends, give the number as it is. Friends, I will show you the verification code number. Look, I have turned on the camera, then see the verification code number.  Check Verify Now it will be verified automatically then pen number you will give your pin number later

By clicking here you will type the pin number and click the carrier. Friends, whenever you click on the carrier, your account will be complete. Friends, you can earn all the money through this Ludu game today. If you get the game, you have to join.  But see if there is a single one, but it will be done, I will click on development

Now I will withdraw money directly, that is, I will add the money to this account, so you will give your amount to him, then you will give him your amount, friends, after giving the amount of money, you will give the result digital pin number here, how much money you want to invest, I will give you 100 taka  I will add to the app, the number from which you will add in the app, the last number of the last number means that you will add from here.

You have to copy this number and copy this number and tell how much money you want to send here. Now I will turn on the phone camera, you will type and then I will show you.  After verifying, from there I will go home and hope that the money will be added to the balance in a short time. I will click here.

It is asking me to join message then I am home so friends I am joining message in short time but I will get room id after getting but I will click on today game I can join then I will click on development then here I will give my amount 500 taka then no.  I will take money through 1 which number will I take money in a short time now but I will get the payment if I get my match code number

Let me tell you, look here it says waiting for match time and through today's game, you all can earn money and you can withdraw your money through any means of Bikash cash.  I hope you can say that you will wait for 5 minutes max and you will get it.

Then you will get payment if you do bad work then you will not get money in life in this case you have to work see friends friends I got the code number in my messenger so if I don't get mine I will click on it then see if I got the code number or definitely to download  Yes I will enter the game now your friends see I will show you the proof but I entered the game see ludo king app

you open open friends now i am opening open see if you get wait friend click here click here then see the topic you need to follow friends you click then see here you need to click ok friends click here you click join  Check the code number by clicking on join. You will put this code number in the empty box.

My code number is so after giving the code number I will click on the OK button and click on join room then I will wait now I can finish my message while listening friends see who I have read but if we get together I will complete the game see I am now my  Don't need shelter so see I will enter in the app after entering in the app I will be unemployed after coming back from here you will click on the upload icon.

Here you will click your friends and me but before playing the game 500 taka with and I will get that money in a short time and my balance will be done I have deposited the money but I am waiting if you upload it correctly your money will be added  So my balance has been added fifty more to win the phone is on that phone but Bikash account

All accounts are activated but no one is here but the camera is now I will hold it and see how long it takes to pay me and you can earn money ok friends ok friends can earn ok friends from here you all but by watching videos you can work from here friends tech  Care brother Allah Hafez

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